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THE OFFICIAL "streetwear" BALLER BOOT/SHOE THREAD ***700usd Min*** - Page 391

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yes, I am. In a sz41 but if they don't sell by friday- i'm keeping them.
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That's the spirit :-)
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why does sinned have double the number of posts vs the second most frequent poster when he just came into this thread last year?
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honestly, who gives a shit, jet, as long as he continues to post pics/links of boot porn.
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Originally Posted by xzacx View Post

Can anyone with a pair of A1923 trainers comment on how durable the soles are? Just got a pair and trying to decide if I should protect them. I'd rather not, but if they wear down super fast like Ricks do or something, I'd consider it.

I think they are way more durable than rick owens sneakers
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Guidi SS13 video, from Lift's blog:
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don't usually like front-zips but they look pretty good.

rft: passed a girl on my home last night wearing tall backzips inlove.gif
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/\ Those used to be mine. They are not cordovan, but regular reversed horse.
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I said "reversed horse" out loud the other day and I felt really silly


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More pics of the red cordovan Layer-0 boots:

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damn that's nice. layer and plokhov bringing the red this year...
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Let's not forget Guidi's foray into red:



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/\ Layer-0 has had red in some form for quite a few seasons. Their colors are always fantastic.

Even Guidi, but that depends more on what the store decides to order.

Edit: CCP, Devoa, A1923 have all done red before. Anyone remember the bright red CCP boots?

The MA+ Red Camel leather boots at H. Lorenzo are really nice in person too. They look a bit clunky when holding them, but when worn, just superb! I found them to feel more solid than A1923.

More MA+, this time white:
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My buddy from down under just received these today- (you can see the Horween stamp on the left boot)

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