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THE OFFICIAL "streetwear" BALLER BOOT/SHOE THREAD ***700usd Min*** - Page 345

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I feel none of the back/side zip guidi on lncc would work with wide pants, and I do t like any of the laceups confused.gif

Looking at these seem to pair better
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Hey experienced boot bros, I've got a question about dyeing boots.

Bought these Ann's from LN-CC with the intent to dye them black

However, I notice now that the stitching appears to be reddish-orangeish

I remember reading some stuff in the past about dyeing boots but the thread remaining un-dyed.. is this going to be problematic? Will the boots be black but the stitching remain the same color?
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depends on what the stitching is made of. Poly/nylon and other synthetics don't take dye well.
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/\ If the thread is a polymer/nylon it won't change color. Cotton threads will pick up the dye.
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Any way to find out what the thread is made of? Would a cobbler be able to tell?

EDIT: upon a bit of investigation it appears that on Ann's dip dye boots, the thread takes the dye (at least somewhat) -- a good sign?
dip dyez (Click to show)

EDIT 2: Also, should I be able to trust any decent cobbler to dye the Ann's? Or do I need to find an especially good one or something
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Feeling the threads is enough to tell if they are synthetic or not. A good cobbler will be able to tell right away.

Go to someone who has a good reputation. I have seen botched dye jobs, where the original color starts to show through cracks in the dye....

Also, any dye on the buckle/zip will eventually scrape off.

Good luck!
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eck tried those and said they were awful
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Originally Posted by uzairh View Post

A1923 on eBay.
Same style and size (41) were 60% off at Atelier on Dec 6th.

I suggest passing if you have a high instep- I was having a really hard time getting them of my right foot. I always loved the front zip design though.
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if you haven't visited yet, sartorialoft has some amazing footwear right now. some phenomenal layer-0 shell cordovan (from guidi, I guess guidi made some cordovan but has never used it in its own production, more of a production for their private work).

Worth checking out...
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/\ How is the new store?
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it's cool. very different from the previous store. the space is designed like a gallery with zero indications that it's a store. It's a reconceptualization of the retail experience.
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/\ Rocks.  Totally.  Hats off to David and his team.

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how would u count this pair...










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prefer it without the tb whimsy
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