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THE OFFICIAL "streetwear" BALLER BOOT/SHOE THREAD ***700usd Min*** - Page 804

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What exactly is Vachetta? Is it intended to get more and more matte and distressed with time (as opposed to keeping the finish/sheen)?

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Cow- Chomeo has some aged derbies.
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Vachetta is the same leather used by LV in their handbags (the pale tan handles, etc.)
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Originally Posted by MickeyPunch View Post

Eagerly awaiting my WJK boots from bluemerle. They told me they would be shipping on Monday last week but nothing yet, which is fine considering they come from Japan and customs can hold the parcel for a few days... can't wait and I hope they fit!

I've sent an email to bluemerle asking them to send me a tracking number though, they were very nice in previous emails.

Damn I remember when they had the side zips on sale for super "cheap" mid last year or so...
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Anyone know who DANIELE BASTA is? PN/P has a bunch of footwear from him...
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Looks like Amadei has been pulled on the inspirational teat of those ugly Linea microlace boots.

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Those are hideous

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"Anything nice is always ruined by a middle seam." - Mr. Moo
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i think the microlace/staple/middle seam would work better if the leather was non-reverse. I think the real deal-breaker is that overly long tongue.
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did you buy the leather from L-0? I saw it on the blog.
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/\ Indeed! And it is amazing... stunned beyond words after handling it in person.

Medium weight vegetable tanned black calf leather (love the smell!), the signature zippers with different colored teeth, lovely stitching and patterns all throughout, slim sleeves... The cut and length is perfect for me.

Alessio's work always looks simple and understated but has the details/intricacies that make each piece so awesome. I know we talk a fair amount about his footwear, but the clothing is much more enjoyable IMO.

Some pics (which don't do the jacket justice). Color is black IRL:

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Congrats- it's a beauty. Did you take the 46?
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Thanks! Yes, I went with a 46 (TTS). Fit is slightly snug, but I expect it to stretch.
Seriously, BBS, Incarnation, etc have nothing on this piece. I like it much better than any MA+ or A1923 also....

Second tag belongs to the double layer bordeaux tee. Feels warmer than most sweaters I have!

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