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THE OFFICIAL "streetwear" BALLER BOOT/SHOE THREAD ***700usd Min*** - Page 756

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Does anybody know how 10 sei 0 otto sizing works? If I'm a true 11, would a 45 work?

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Originally Posted by ds74 View Post

Disagreeing…what he’s done in the ’14 variant is to subtly morph the anthropomorphics of the top eye-let position - re-angled to more explicitly create an oculus, both archititechtonic and amphibian; more mutated pond life than tastefully repurposed monochrome 80s-ballcourt leftover… Just my preference.

you are describing a sneaker like its fine art thats a bit odd to me
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You're paying fine art prices for them. 

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Some Saturday night Carol Christian Porn.

WTF was I thinking selling these....Plus the only time something I sent never reached the buyer. Some fucker in the postal service is looking mighty cool in my boots

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those are perhaps one of the best CCP boots i've seen.
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Why would you sell those?
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Momentary lapse of reason.
I've done many stupid things. But this ranks right up there.
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HOIL before anybody asks.

EDIT. SEE MY POST BELOW....too many beers - These are LUC-PTC
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Thank you.
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Hoil= oiled horse?
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Who makes Plokhov boots and do the metal studs on the side profile stand out as much in person?
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The shape of those CCPs is absolutely perfect
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i cant see the CCPs that eton sold. pics not showing. frown.gif
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@eton97, for how long they are missed? Shit sometimes popping up from usps depths after a months.
But yes, they was beautiful.

Guys. Just a thought.

If someone wants my red augustas, I could consider some CCP trade in size 7)).
finally starting to dig Poell's universe too.
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What kind of leather is Guidi reverse stag? Is it nowhere near as durable as donkey leather? Any experiences are appreciated.

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