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THE OFFICIAL "streetwear" BALLER BOOT/SHOE THREAD ***700usd Min*** - Page 721

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Originally Posted by Mr. Moo View Post

Could be a lot softer than you think.

Both are thick as hell. CCP Bison are 'softer' than the Augusta horse. But wouldn't describe either as 'soft'. In fact the horse is still as stiff and hard as they were when I bought them.
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Cool. Trying to remember what my Augusta thermal horse were like... I think they were similar to the CCP bison.
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You can order the older CCP tornado model which has a rounded toe and is generally wide. It is the SX model.

Not sure if you could do that with derbys though

Left: Older, wider more rounded version

Right: Newer, more pointed version

I think the newest iterations of the model on the right does not have super pointy toes akin to how they look when that particular model was just introduced. Cant confirm but CCP seems to have toned down the aggressiveness of it recently
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Originally Posted by bows1 View Post

How to size Dead End jeans?

Echoing eton97.

I sized up 1, and there is a little room on the waist. Thighs run slim and fit perfectly when sized up. Regular size was too tight all over.
FWIW, they are slightly higher waisted compared to LUC, IE, etc.
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Originally Posted by eton97 View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
I know what you are talking about. But this is 100% absolutely nothing to worry about.
If anything it's part of the overall aesthetic. His sneakers have rusted eyelets....the laces have rusted metal tips. The nails in the sole around the toe, heel and arch are probably discoloured from the dying process.
But tbh if you are worrying about small details like this, Augusta and CCP are probably not for you.
Simone and carol are not going to do anything that results in the footwear being 'damaged'
As I said before, on the whole, these things are built to last.

Originally Posted by onijo84 View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
You should not worry about those on these shoes. I got a brand new pair with some of the nails 'rusty'. They are similar to the rusty metal aglets found on the laces. Here is a pic.

Thanks, I don't mind the rust details but just wanted to be sure it's intentional and not a sign of the shoe falling apart or something.
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Edit: wrong thread. Sorry.
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Wow the difference in toe shape between those 2 tornadoes is absurd

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They are the mismatch tornado zip boot; AM 2521- I'm not joking either.
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Yea, but you can opt to go for a matching pair in either the left or right model

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^^ These are the two different am2521 available for special order from the office gallery - the left one is the SX model and i have that one. Naturally both my boots have the wider toe box.
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I went for the 'normal' model on the right. When I tried it on the width was just right..I imagine the one on the left would be absolutely massive for me

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The SX model is the shit as far as i am concerned. Tried the other model and was not into it.
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re: tornado zip models

I just received 3 or 4 emails on this subject…. for clarification & I think this right (where is BSR when you need him)?

AM/2521 sx regular tornado zip 2009 collection

AM/2521 mismatch tornado zip from 2009 collection

AM/2601(L) regular tornado 2010 collection- *** L (lined) only lined if you choose a non scarred reverse leather

2010 tornado zip is a bit sleeker in shape and also has a slimmer shaft.
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^^ yes BSR is the definitive reference but Tassos explained to me that the SX is the WIDER boot and sent me the earlier picture presented here with the mismatched pair white  tornados as a reference regarding the difference.  Indeed the SX boots I have are both like the left boot ( it.t wider )  Funny that Carol designed a mismatched toe box tornadoes but heyif anyone will do it it would have to be Carol.... I have a firend who received a special order tornados with one a full size biger then the other..  

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