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THE OFFICIAL "streetwear" BALLER BOOT/SHOE THREAD ***700usd Min*** - Page 690

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Red Python Layer-0's at Layers London

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Layer-0's AW14-15 collection is one of Alessio's best yet. Along with some gorgeous colors for footwear, quite a few really nice clothing pieces.
Seriously eyeing some of the outerwear....
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Originally Posted by fistinyoface View Post

I'm selling some IS and CCP footwear, along with some other things, over here if anyone is interested.

holler if you decide to part with those a1923 buckle high tops
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MA+ Back lace one-piece shoes, size 40.

Hate to part with them, but I must. PM if interested.
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that blue
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I never thought I'd wear any exotic hides but those IS derbies are making a strong case for themselves.

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They are really nice.
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The black ones were ok...

But  the blue ones *_________________________*

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I find snake skin tacky more often than not, I would normally not like something like that but damn those are awesome
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Alessio's python boots in bright red were quite tastefully done imo.I believe that colour is much muted in real life and not as intense as it appears in the pics online(Layers). Afterall the dyeing process leaves the skin with a close to uniform colour without altering the texture on it. So, if it is the texture on the snake skin that you are going for, then a pair dyed in a darker colour would be the way to go. I can't imagine those IS derbies in their actual skin pattern. What i find to be tacky are those made with un-dyed skin( reticulated python's) where you see the actual pattern on the skin.

Carpe D had a pair of s21s made of python skin(?? eck or someone with better knowledge on CDs could verify this) that were amazing.

Alessio's Layer-0

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How do S23M Carpe Diem boots fit, especially the instep.

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Fuck. I need some Layer-0 derbies in my life.


If anyone reading this is selling a pair in 44, holler at me.

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