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Why you no have Weston in 8.5E
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PM sent
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Number 1~6 10% OFF Original Price
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Someone better buy the Corrallorosso. Full of win.
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Number 7 and 8 Added.
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Number 1~6
Price drop 20% off the original price.
Make me an offer.
Will be gone in next couple days.
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I bought the charcoal Hickey on Friday, received yesterday. Nice suit, great shipping and communication. Someone buy the Zegna coat!
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Take 25% Off Everything I Listed Here.

Valid Only For 4 Hours And Will Be Gone In 4 Hours.
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I have owned Edward Green since the 1960's, John Lobb bespoke, JL of Paris, Vass, St Crispins and I can honestly say, all my JM Westons were the best manufactured bench grade shoes of the lot. Although Lobb were the most comfortable, Weston were not far off. Jm Weston are not always the most stylish, but they are always the best made non-bespoke shoes and they all outlasted everything else and almost lasted as long as my bespokes. Having said that though, I still find my Model 423 is the classiest burgundy shoe I have ever owned -in fact I am ordering another pair MTO from JM Weston of London. Truly wonderful and very under rated shoes. How did I miss these JMs for sale here? Are they the model # 300? Very elegant and beautiful shoe. My favourite black JM is the 666 - The Devil's shoe - BEAUTIFUL!!! - I believe it was designed originally for Bill Clinton - you go figure! great shoes OP, I hope you won't regret the sale. If you do, you can ring Mademoiselle Marion in London on +44 020 7434 4121 and enjoy a 20% discount off J M Weston USA prices while the pound is still on the rocks
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Is the 42R Corallorosso jacket navy or grey? Having a hard time telling with my decrepit eyes...
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