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I've written elsewhere about some AS delays I've experienced. But Chay's always been quick to reply and has given reasonable causes for delays.
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Emptym, I think we spoke via PM sometime ago. This was in Jan 2011. I think the shoes were to be delivered by March 2011. It's coming to 2013. I don't think this was a delay, Chay and I must have forgotten about this and nobody followed up. No harm done.

Like I said, I've moved on as my personal experience with their handgrades was less than stellar. I think others may have been happier with theirs so I'd leave them to it.
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Oh my, now that you bumped this up did I realize I was supposed to expect delivery of a shoe coming from Alfred Sargent that was late for more than a year plus and still waiting. This was to replace their initial rollout of their handgrade models whose leather quality was far inferior even to their previous Premier Exclusive standards.
Completely forgotten about this but I guess more than a year with no contact, I might as well write this off. Anyway, I have moved on to a more responsive maker.


I can't imagine Richard from Shoehealer would let that happen...he's too on the ball for that.


Did you fork out a 50% deposit because that would be really ridiculous if no one took any action on your shoes do you even go about recovering the money...what a hassle.

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