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^^^That's a lot of time ironing. I'll touch up a shirt or iron wrinkles out of pants, but I spend just a few minutes, max.
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^^^^ I've always had my shirts folded after they are laundered. They travel much better that way.
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i saw in costco recently, that they have Tumi carry on for around $180
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Originally Posted by otc View Post
How much do you suck at ironing? If it is taking you 2 hours to iron the packing folds out of 3-4 shirts, you are doing something wrong.

How many shirts do you have if you are going 1-2 trips a week? Also if you are careful, you shouldn't really have to iron a shirt after traveling (especially since you are wearing a suit).

I suck pretty much heavily at ironing, but the time is mostly spent trying to wet the shirts carefully to get the most out of the mostly non-steam-irons at the hotels I have stayed at. I also need some time to get the shirts usably dry.

I don't know how many shirts I have, somewhere in the area of 15-20 I would guess. Most of them are light blue, blue/white stripes or white. On a typical 2-3 day trip to a conference I bring a light suit, a black suit, a white shirt, a blue shirt and a striped shirt. I then vary ties/shirts/suits to get the most out of those.

I have looked at the creek-packaging systems now, I think that will help me tremendously when it comes to avoiding ironing.
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If you want to be hardcore - advises the Red Oxx. The thing is a bit ugly, but seems well thought out. They also discuss bundle packing which is supposedly superior to regular folders, etc. I haven't tried it yet, but probably will soon.

I have a B&R roll-on, and it is nice, but I end up walking around a ton in NYC so wheels are a necessity - if you are taking cars everywhere, I'd go with the Red Oxx.
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I've had a lot of different luggage over the years that just broke after 4-6 international flights, before I got a set of rimowa cases, I have both aluminium and polycarb cases and I must say that I prefer the poly carb ones, they are a lot lighter and do not dent. After 10-15 international flights they pretty much look like new which means they have more than paid themselves a couple of times over.
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TIP: I put my undergarments, socks, and smaller clothing that can be winkled into a big zip-lock bag, sit on it and close it. Saves tons of space.
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Originally Posted by Big A View Post
Rimowa aluminum stuff I got used is the best I've had. Yeah it's expensive and it dents - buy used, and it's cheap and pre- dented. It's never failed and in a pinch I can fix it using a rock as a hammer.
This. Get a Rimowa Topas Cabin Trolley. I have one from their cheaper polycarbonate series, and found it big enough for a 4 day business trip, if you don't need to take a second suit with you. For anything else (notebook, clothing bag for second suit), I would get stuff from Tumi. Their Alpha series seems to be very nice.
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Tumi has their international carry-on for $259 in blue. Any reason not to go with it? I've found another reason to not get a soft case...I often can stick my work issued leviathon of a Lenovo T410 in my carry-on. Since I have a soft case for that, I like the idea of extra protection. Same goes even if I have just my iPad.

Basically I'm torn between the Rimowa Salsa Air at ~$450 and the Numi Vapor at ~$260 - both in ABS of course.
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I never understood the love for Tumi. If you like manly functional and tacticalesque looking stuff, get a lowpro bag made by Eagle, Maxpedition or Tactical Tailor which are much more rugged for a lower price.
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Where are B&R bags made? I have this corny Victorinox 20" bag that's served its purpose.
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Sierra Trading Post has the B&R Transcend line at a substantial discount right now - less with a coupon code. If you're looking for a rollaboard you might want to go with a smaller size than the 22-inch; some say it won't fit in many overheads, some say no problem.
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How is the Haliburton Zero class? I looked at one the other day and was impressed by it. Anyone have any experience?
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