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Anyone ever try Land's End blazers/suiting?

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I'm looking for an inexpensive navy blazer with a trim fit, and this Land's End Canvass one seems to fit the bill, with generally good reviews:

Anyone tried this one or have experience with other Land's End suits?

I hear Sears sells Land's End; do they carry the Canvass stuff?
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So... No? Guess I'll give it a shot. They have a good return policy.
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Keep in mind that almost all of their blazers have functional sleeve buttons, so they won't be cheap to tailor unless your arms are the right length to start.
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LE is a value for money brand, so bear that in mind when setting your expectations. The tailored clothing I've seen from them has been boxy, cut full and the cloth fairly coarse. Haven't tried the Canvas line but expect it isn't "slim" in the SF sense -- trimmer than their other stuff, maybe, but the regular stuff is often cut like what you'd find at Orvis.

That said, maybe you'll get lucky. LE is erratic and stuff tends to vary from season to season. I picked up one of their cotton sportcoats after discovering that it was cut surprisingly well and moderately trim. Much more flattering than a similar coat the nearby J. Crew was selling for almost twice the price.

My Sears doesn't carry the Canvas line, from what I've seen.
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About 10 years before I found SF, I used to buy LE clothing almost exclusively because their tall sizes fit me. I still own several of their sports coats, which I occasionally wear. The fabric and construction is nothing special, but they are extremely durable. My black/white herringbone jacket, in particular, looks like it did the day I bought it and there were years when I would wear it 2-3 times a week in the fall and winter. I think LE jackets represent good value for the money. I'd buy them before buying from Men's Wearhouse, but this is the quality level we are discussing: somewhere between Mens' Wearhouse and Jos. A. Bank (though I think LE is a better value than JAB). Edit: Doc Holliday has described their jackets in better detail than I and hits the nail on the head with "boxy, cut full and the cloth fairly coarse". My black/white herringbone jacket I describe above is made of cloth with a texture near burlap.
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Originally Posted by garymyman View Post
I hear Sears sells Land's End; do they carry the Canvass stuff?

Some Sears stores carry Canvass and some don't. No Sears store is going to carry everything available at though. I find it's best to order online and then return to a Sears store, if necessary.
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I had an LE suit from the days before their Canvas line. It needed about $80 worth of tailoring, but I actually ended up with a pretty nice, well-constructed and durable as hell suit. The blazer you're looking at is from the Canvas line so it might even have a decent fit out of the box. Also recommend you check out L.L.Bean Signature's suiting. It's similarly well made for the price -- Wool tropic weight available in navy.
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I tried this item on at a local Sears, and it's definitely one of the better LEC items. Many "slim" blazers aren't that slim at all, but this one is. If you can't try it on, order two sizes so you get the better fit. I usually wear a 38 or 39 from Brooks Brothers, and the LEC 40 actually fit me best. Strange, since I usually size down with LE and LEC purchases.
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Doc mentioned that the sizing/fit/quality is erratic, and I could not agree more.

I have a couple of sports jackets that I ordered in 2005 that are great for casual wear. They look amazing. I bought a tailored fit suit last year and my wife will not let me wear it b/c she says it looks cheap. I actually thought the fit was good (I am a thin guy), but the quality is God awful. I should have returned it but I REALLY wanted to convince myself that it was okay.

I say give it a try, you can always return it. I just wish they had some consistency b/c some of their items are great.
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