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Sebastien Grey Gilt coupon - worth getting?

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$549 for a "$1000 bespoke" (MTM) suit. Anyone have any experience with these guys?
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Bump because I saw that Gilt Chicago is offering this until Sunday, I believe.

I got a suit from them last summer (full-canvased, Scabal super 130's navy pinstripe) and have been very pleased with the results, especially for the price they offered it for. I think they have the option of sourcing it to master tailors here in the States or overseas for a lower price, which is a cool option to have if you're interested in lower price vs. American-made. I'm surprised they aren't mentioned here more, given that their access to fabrics like Scabal, Holland & Sherry, Harris Tweed, etc. is pretty much the same as anybody else's and their tailors seem to know what they're doing.

I'm gonna grab their bespoke package for $700 tomorrow when payday comes.
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This package is back, anyone else have feedback?
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What exactly is the offer?
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Any thoughts on this vs suitsupply?
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SS MTM is more expensive than the Gilt deal. Also considering pulling the trigger on this -- any chance we could get some pics burningbright?

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i'm also considering getting this gilt deal for a tuxedo (upcoming wedding). previously i had just planned on getting something off the rack from a store (brooks brothers, etc). i'm new to this forum and found this thread via google -- any downside to getting the gilt deal? seems like it will be cheaper than something similar from a store, and better fit? any reason not to pull the trigger?



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The deal is back on here. Any updates?

Seems like Yelp gave it decent reviews but those are taken with a grain of salt.
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Deal is back again in NYC and Chicago on Gilt. I had my wedding suit made at Sebastien Grey and it was overall an awesome (and fun) experience. I learned a lot, and the team is super knowledgeable. Definitely the best suit I've ever owned. 

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