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Any idea if the Nordstrom Rack in Union Square still has these in stock for the current sale?
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sale still going on?
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Someone proxy smalls for me to Australia please!
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[Cross-post from Allen Edmonds Appreciate Thread.]


I realize this sale is over, but still wanted to ask this. Have y'all noticed that the sizing is confusingly different when getting from Nordstrom Rack? The websites of Allen Edmonds and Woodlore both seem to agree on the following sizes:



However, both times I went to the rack I found that size Small only goes up to size 7.5. This was both on the box and on the following sign:



Is that because they don't specify width and want to ensure it works for EEE? Presumably there's no difference and I should stick with the online chart, right? Incidentally, I wear 8.5D or 9D depending (though I measure 9.5D on a Brannock device), so I'm still unsure if I should be buying Small or Medium.

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rack shoe tree are alright, they do their job

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I use these in all my shoes..reading this thread post bump, I can't really tell what people mean about "full heel"..the wood lore from rack seem fine for unfinished cedar shoe trees. I do notice some splintering, but ultimately my shoes seem to all be in good shape (reasonsably so)
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