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Originally Posted by acecow View Post
Alteration tailors in Los Angeles that know what they're doing (in no particular order):

1. Abi from Alandales in Culver City, CA
2. Paul from Wilshire Tailor in Los Angeles, CA
3. Charles from Charles tailoring (?) in Beverly Hills, CA

Can someone make this list for chicago? Thanks
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Maybe shorten the list to top 40? Idk if you can even find that many.
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Originally Posted by Despos View Post
Nice to know you are still around OxxfordSJLINY, thank you for your comments.

You're welcome, Chris. And thank you, too.
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I've used two tailors in Philadelphia, who are basically high-level MTM (Domenico drafts individual patterns, Lettieri owns his own factory).

Domenico Maglio
7153 Frankford Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19135
Phone - 215-331-6757
Fax - 215-331-7815
Email -

Tom Lettieri
1919 South Bancroft St.
Philadelphia, PA
Phone - 610-733-5480

A very good, young bespoke Philadelphia shirtmaker is:

Ray Nepomuceno
Ray Custom Shirtmaker
337 Montgomery Avenue
Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004
Tel: (610) 667-3509
Fax: (610) 667-5759
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Originally Posted by GreenFrog View Post
Harvard square landmark in Boston: J Press.

They have a tailor at the back named Tad and he does excellent work. I think he's Polish, so he has a very long last name I can't pronounce or spell.

J Press was the store featured in the movie Twenty One (the one about MIT kids counting cards for blackjack or some stupid gambling game) where the main character worked there part time.

go to the yelp reviews and search for the term 'tad'

you'll find laudatory praise for his "flawless, excellent work"

if Tad doesn't make it into the top 100, I will be very disappointed!

I also go to Tad. He should definitely be included!
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If you're near Des Moines, Iowa (where I go to school) there's Frederick's in Clive. J.D. Daniels is a man's man and a great old-time tailor. Got pants shortened and brought in, jacket waist brought in, sleeves shortened and dry cleaned for about $90. Great experience.

1800 Northwest 86th St # 23, Clive, IA 50325-7146
(515) 267-1986 ‎
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Houston, Texas

Bepsoke Shirts
Hamilton - make shirts for hollywood (Inception, Oceans 11)

MTM and Bespoke Suits
Festari - dumb website and store, great clothes

William the Tailor
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Originally Posted by Eustace Tilley View Post
Off the top of my head:

Custom Tailors

NY: Raphael Raffaeli, Nino Corvato, Bill Fioravanti, Tony Maurizio, Franco / Ercole (forget their last name), Martin Greenfield, Vincent Nicolosi, Frank Shattuck, the in-house guy at Dunhill, Cheo, maybe even Adrian Jules

Chicago: Chris Despos

Baton Rouge: Manuel Martinez

DC: William Field

Philly: Joe Centofanti

LA: Jack Taylor (is he MTM?)

SF: The one guy who a few SF'ers have used (Enzo?)

Plus 1 for Centofani! He is a stubborn old man, but he does great work--and charges for it.

All of my SF purchases and even some store purchases go to him after the in-house tailor messes it up.
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Nick Nikiforos. 29 E. Madison Ave. Suite 1715. Chicago, IL 60602. (312) 427-3110

Great alteration work.
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Has Steven Salen (11th Floor 509 Madison Avenue, NYC) been mentioned?
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Will Fields - Glover Park DC Gary Gagossian - Beverly Hills CA
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Originally Posted by DavidWatts View Post
I thought about including them, but my editor disagreed. Makes a certain kind of sense: they're not really "in America"--just visiting.

Fair enough; may be helpful to add in a footnote though that a good percentage of American customers commission their custom/bespoke needs with overseas tailors that travel to America.
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Originally Posted by Roger Everett View Post
Daniel Motorca
The Tailor Shop -- 8303Southside Blvd., Jacksonville, Fl. 32216
Tel. 904-642- 7780

A master tailor, for any alterations. Plus bespoke siuts, shirts, ties, braces, etc. . Has a large modern building w/ large store front, in which he displays a large stock of shirts- ties- and examples of his bespoke suits. As well as having various displays of cuff links, shoes, tie clasps, PS and any acc. a well dressed man might need. Has a large stock of fabrics on hand as well as an area with enough fabric books to kill an afternoon. I've always been treated well and been qiute satisfied with him. Daniel also does a big business in bespoke wedding gowns, with a separate fitting area for the ladies.


Also use Daniel with great results!
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Originally Posted by Achilles_ View Post
Of course my state doesn't have a name on that list

Yea, I noticed how few tailors there were in California. Forget about it if you are in the flyover states.

What this thread is showing me is that this forum is actually somewhat special
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