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Was this article ever published?
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Nick Lopez across the Galleria in Houston, bespoke and alterations.

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Hi David Watts

I suggest you take a retired tailor with you to do your article if you also are not going to be another victim to the number of times the media in its many forms including users of this site have been fooled by a smooth talking front of house front-man with a tape measure round his neck , a pair of shears in the window and some Hancock's crayons on the counter, oh and usually they have a dressmakers thimble sitting somewhere because they fail to understand the difference. A tailor who has retired who has no axe to grind and who sense of superiority has faded a little would be a useful tool to helping you categorize into Bespoke vs Made to Measure etc.

I applaud the fact that you are to categorize a there are significant differences.

What makes a good Bespoke tailor is very subjective. Each generation of consumers that come through have a new idea of what is good.

Unless the house is small then the cutting and tailoring are separate.

If your objective is to find 100, you will do that easily, the standard is another issue and perhaps that can only be established by their clients satisfaction. Anything polled like that would find that the elections in Mexico were probably fairer. Reputation can also be manipulated by marketing, a great bespoke tailor will not often have time to pursue this aggressively, so do not be fooled by the wealth of the clientele.

Finally, you must understand the importance of cut. For this talk to any Savile row or West end cutter for a few hours, and then go to Italy and get their perspective on cut. And go with the Italian as that is more likely to have influenced be the demographic you are writing for. 

My suggestion would be to read some of Jeffery D's blog and the Tailor and Cutter forums for background. You will then understand the complexity of the trade and the question you are to ask.

If you think about this, we may forget that number 50 on the list is the average, but I suspect that we forget how much energy is required as a Bespoke tailor over a long period to become just the average. Happy  July 4th all

Good luck


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Probably too late, But Frank Valenti is an excellent Tailor in Vegas, that does alterations and has made suits for meny Casino owners and exceutives including the late Frank Fertitta.

Thanks for this recommendation - will drive by and look him up this week.
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Where is this fantastic place in Oklahoma City?  A google search for mens tailors showed me this thread and your post. 

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