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Just wanted to post an update on sizing and fit.

Picked up two pairs of the leather saddle shoes from Clad. Fit is pretty good, between a D/E width I'd say. (I'm normally a 10.5E, 11D or so, 10.5D on big Alden lasts) and the 10.5s is a tad small on me but as I'll be wearing slim socks / sockless and there should be a tiny bit of stretch, I'm saying with the 10.5. 11D is a good fit if I was wearing midweight socks, just a tiny bit long but I'd say they run TTS for sure.

The craftsmanship is not bad, well worth it at a little under $100. Leather is like chromexcel, very oily (almost Kudu level) and both pairs have a bit of scuffs on them (from the high oil level). A bit of neatsfoot oil smell as well. Fully leather lined and the goodyear welted. Might even keep the 11Ds to wear in spring/fall when weather is cooler.
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Originally Posted by porcelain monkey View Post

Can anyone comment on the width? I am interested in the Franklin dirty buck wingtip. I have a wide foot and generally need an E, but some Ds will do. Looks like I can try them on if I can get to Neiman or Saks, but thought I'd ask here first.

I'm pretty much the same, usually E but sometimes D works. Ordered the gray Franklin wingtip from Gilt and it was way too narrow. The bucks look roomier though. FWIW the Church's Blakeney suede wingtip currently on Bluefly works fine, but it's pricier.
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PSA: I saw a few pairs of Walkover shoes for $90 to $100 at Off 5th.

I saw these in a few sizes for $90:

And I saw some white wingtips (forgot the color of the sole) and some black wingtips (with a white or tan sole) for $100 I think.
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NOBD love those boots, haven't seen any chukkas from walkover in quiet sometime.
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I really enjoy my bucks. the profile is a bit long for me (my feet are already big for my frame) but quality has been awesome so far. had them for a year, worn 2-3x a week, and still going very strong. Going to resole them with a vibram christy sole when they need it icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Thanks, Bugsy. I hadn't heard of the brand until a month ago. I bumped into them in a store I frequently go to and thought I'd give them a try.

Good to hear they're going strong, mike. Do you have pics? (No comment on your sole plans smile.gif.)
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NOBD - what retailer?

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Frans Boone in The Netherlands. They're not in the online store though, I think.
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How's the sizing compares to say, Alden's Barrie Last?

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Originally Posted by Dino19 View Post

How's the sizing compares to say, Alden's Barrie Last?

Size up .5 from Barrie
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I only have a Leydon last (Alden unlined chukka's) in size 9. The Walk-Over's are 43.
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Originally Posted by bl@ster View Post

Size up .5 from Barrie


Originally Posted by NOBD View Post

I only have a Leydon last (Alden unlined chukka's) in size 9. The Walk-Over's are 43.

Thanks man smile.gif

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There are some Walk Over shoes on for 59 euros. I just snagged a pair myself.

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I just bought a second pair of the Walkover Wright Chukkas.  This time in grey suede. I bought my first pair back in April and have worn them twice a week aver since.  They are very comfortable, even with my prescription orthotics.  I recently got back from a trip to Disney and my feet felt just fine after two 10 hour days on my feet. While they have a safe and secure Vibram sole, they are just dressy enough for work. My second pair is the same model in grey suede.  The price during the current sale at Gilt was down to $159.  At list price you may prefer AE or Alden but at $159 I think they are a fabulous shoe.


I love getting a goodyear welt shoe made in America for well under $200.


Cheers, Michael

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