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Originally Posted by Quadcammer View Post
...Also, the 124 is a well respected Mercedes. There is no reason why the response should be dismissive.
The more posts of yours that I read, the more I like what you post.

Originally Posted by Patek View Post
While I agree with the general arguement, I also don't buy used shoes. Besides the gross factor, ...

I own rental properties. Once you've laid on the floor under the tenant's toilet to fix a leak, your parameters of what's gross will shift dramatically.

Originally Posted by Patek View Post
...I like the virgin leather to break in to my foot.
Are we still talking about shoes?
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Well, it is hard to find any of THAT new anymore, so yeah I'm talking about shoes.
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owwww my eyes
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post #80 of 105 don't need to justify yourself to anyone here. It's sad that you had to mention your car and watches etc. to a bunch of people you don't even know, although I get what your intent was.

You asked a question and got many replies, however only a few are constructive. Personally, I'd never wear AE Strands as I think they are ugly as fuck. In fact, there is no AE shoe which I find appealing.

Oh yeah, it's not always the shoes that people take seriously. Rather, most people here take "groupthink" seriously.

Enjoy the wedding!
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AE gives a kickback to SF for every post (and there are millions) that refer to an AE shoe. Go with what you are comfortable with and can afford. Polish them up -- but for that suit you'd be better off with a little bit darker shoe.
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Originally Posted by bellyhungry View Post

Ditch the shoes, shirt, and tie...

Your wife is right.

The shirt is not bad, but I would go with a diffrent tie something less bold in the pattern a siimple solid or mild stripe would work well. the shoes would be better if the were some shades darker.
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If you do go with AE make sure you inquire about size... I'm an 8 in everything but a 7.5 in AE's and my buddy is a 12.5 in most of his shoes but a 11.5 in AE's as well.
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Originally Posted by Digmenow View Post

If you have ever been bowling in your life and do not own a pair of bowling shoes, you have already subjected your feet to far worse than what you will with a pair of gently used AE's, thereby rendering your argument invalid.The person who previously wore the AE's likely had enough personal wealth to maintain the health of their feet (not a fact, just an observation). Now think about the feet that put on those rented bowling shoes a thousand times before you ever did. I have "thrifted" almost 10 pairs of AE's (along with a few other brands) at a grand total cost of around $70 initial outlay with some small additional expense on a couple of pairs that I coveted for new heels and such. My feet have not turned purple yet, all of my toes are still intact and I own close to $3000 at retail of very nice dress footwear. I started doing this 3 months ago. Lysol is your friend.

Buying used shoes to wear on a consistent basis is not the least bit compairable to wearing bowling shoes every once in a while.

When wearing a a rental bowling shoe the person is typically sitting down at least half of the time or more waiting for their turn in a group for an hour or two, and going to the bowling alley is not a common occurrence. For the frequent/serious bowler they probably own their own bowling shoes. Real (non-rental) bowling shoes actually have a different outsole for each shoe in the pair; a slide sole and a brake sole.

What is more relivent is that the insole of a rental bowling shoe is made out of pressed cardboard, while the insole on a nice dress shoe is made out of composite cork, solid cork, or leather. The reason this is relivent is because a cork or leather insole is used so that it conforms to the sole of wearers foot bone structure over time. The longer the owner wears the shoe the more the insole breaks down to conform to the shape of the wearers foot. Wearing someone else's used shoes will cause your foot bone structure to adjust to the previous wearers bone structure until the insole is completely broken down. One of the reasons for buying nice shoes is to make your feet as comfortable as you can in dress shoes. And, while the insole impact is not major (probably won't turn your feet purple) it is a factor in wearing someone else's shoes.

If you buy used shoes I would strongly suggest that you have the insole replaced. Sticking in a cheap off the rack insole in the shoe will just make the inside diameter of the shoe smaller (basically making the shoe a half size narrower), so have the original replaced if you can.

The reason pressed cardboard is used in rental bowling shoes is mainly two fold: it's cheaper than cork or leather, and it resists breaking down / conforming, so the insoles last longer. If you have ever worn rental bowling shoes you already know that comfort is not a factor. smile.gif
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general advice. Don't get too matchy matchy with tie and shirts. Think complimentary colors. Like blue or violet tie with pink shirt, red or orange tie with blue shirt...etc.

Oh and as others have said, get a real pair of shoes. Color of yours is good, but the shape and style make you look like a summer intern straight out of community college
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I'm thinking of some AE shoes but rather than the Strands either the 5th ave or Park ave. Between the 5th ave and park ave is one anymore suitable for different situations than the other? Or just preference for the slightly different details?

Would the burnished brown go well with both a brown pinstripe suit and a light gray suit?

Also, the thread with the guy selling AE shoes is now locked, is he still selling those?

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Some general advice:


The shoes need to have a pointed or round toe and an even finish. Square toes are faddish and as of now dated. Same goes for top seam shoes. The color is fine but darker would be better.


The tie is way too busy. Good ties colors with pink include blue (from french blue to navy), deep purple, and in my opinion, darker browns and greens. Choose a less dense pattern.


I see no problem with the shirt.

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You can forgo the tie if you are not comfortable wearing it. Add some punch to your shirt like dark blue or violet color and always have a black or brown shoes.

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Originally Posted by Man Of Lint View Post

This thread is sadly typical of someone who is on the verge of entering a better world but is afraid to walk through its doorway. jhilly8982, I'll try to reach you one last tiime, and this will be over-kill but you need it.There are 2 men going to climb Mt. Everest. One man knows the dangers and saves his money to buy the premium pakage, which would be the finest equipment, his own personal Sherpa guide (who may also save his life), an extra bottle of oxygen and the best quality boots which cost $1,000.00. He recognizes the worth of his feet and has no problem paying $100 per toe for those boots.The other man plays it cheap. He buys the cheapest equipment, no Sherpa or extra oxygen and buys only the $500.00 pair of inferior boots, failing to recognize his own worth, let alone the worth of his toes..The man who bought the best comes back alive to family & friends with a wonderous story to tell.The other man freezes to death and is still on Mt. Everest, frozen solid with his cheap boots on.There is the phrase 'living well'. You don't have to be wealthy to buy at least one or two nice pairs of shoes. Once the pain of the price has subsided, you will have years and years of great joy; a joy that comes from showing respect for yourself, owning a few nice things and receiving compliments from others. Better to have a few good quality items than a lot of inferior ones.
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How can you ever like those shoes, the are ugly.
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