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Yeah, I've kept that one on my radar.


I really prefer the darker snuff suede, ideally with speed hooks and either lug or Commando sole. Size 9.5D on the Trubalance. 

oh...I am sorry, I missed that you want snuff suede, The need supply one is in tan suede not snuff suede. How about this snuff suede indy with Red rubber sole from Alden Madison?

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Is it too late for Ravello Cap Toe Boot?

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Originally Posted by tank1984 View Post

Is it too late for Ravello Cap Toe Boot?

Nobody is running MTO's in rare shell. Call Alden DC and get on the list for the boot.
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I'm interested in buying a pair of shell cordovan Alden longwing, but they are sold out at my local store, so I really need some help on sizing. I've never own a pair of Alden, and i wear size UK6 on a fitting 5 for my Tricker's brogues. Can anyone please suggest what size should i get for the Alden longwing?

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Andy, suggest that you post the question in the main Alden thread as there are many more followers there. I am not too familiar with Trickers lasts, so I would rather see others give you input.

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What about a MTO cigar tanker boot?

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Originally Posted by Boyd View Post

What about a MTO cigar tanker boot?

Nobody does MTO in rare shell. Most retailers aren't even being allocated rare shell. I was talking to the guys at LS and they have been shut out of rare shell for a LONG time other than an anniversary model.

You'll have to stick with AoM, Alden Dc, TSM and Alden SF if you want rare shell these days, in most cases.
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are there any pending rare shells at alden dc? when i called a while back there was nothing int he works
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Has there been any update on the Epaulet Alden (non shell) GMTOs from June?

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Originally Posted by venividivicibj View Post

Has there been any update on the Epaulet Alden (non shell) GMTOs from June?

Generally no updates given but I think the non-shell stuff is usually 8-10 months based on prior experience.
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Hello all, I have a slot for a Alden x Leffot Daytripper boots on pre-order from Leffot. They are scheduled to be delivered sometime in next few weeks. I have decided to go with some other Alden boots and am giving up my spot. I am asking $118 which is the deposit I have on the boots. I will then coordinate with Leffot to transfer the slot to the new buyer. Detail of boots can be find here - Boots are size 8D.

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Hello good sirs, I hope you don't mind me posting something here that isn't strictly Alden (but is Alden-esque and pretty darn amazing). I've been trying to get a C&J GMTO going for quite a while now, the Dundee medallion punch captoe boot in dark brown cordovan. It's beginning to get some interest now and we have 9 potential buyers. If anyone is keen to join please have a look at the thread (link below) and PM me with any questions.

C&J Dark Brown Cordovan Dundee Boot GMTO


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Standard & Strange is doing pre-orders on a special make up of Aldens.

Contact @StrangeJeremy
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Hey everyone, new here from reddit/goodyearwelt and just seeing if there's any interest in joining a GMTO for a PCT boot in color 8, grant last, perf cap toe, speed hooks, commando sole, antique welt and the stitching pattern of the indy/jcrew boots. Some sample photos here if you can get imaginative and combine some features


I think we're up to 9 and need  at least12, so if you're interested let me know or let us know over on GYW here



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