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1 more with interest in the Ravello captoe boot. Also prefer a punched cap.
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As of June 17 at 8:56 AM EDT, we have 20 members interested in MTO01 and 29 members interested in MTO02. Here are those lists: MTO01. Whiskey Indy sazon commodorewheeler CTYGGG rkusmant Stokely hangten natesjuice Biggie_Robs harrythedog Kevk 89826 banis PorterInjax Horty IRONHORSE edmond_evo6 hobojones Dave_SFU uninkco cielo MTO02. Ravello Cap Toe HorseHide Renton rick trunks206 geoffmartin17 Cacatfish PointerInjax Hot Dog Day #49 CTYGGG natesjuice commodorewheeler hefner Beaniecooper Odd I/O colins SLAB Grainer banis RandomKoreanDude cheesecake flyinpig kevin r JonB27 925 Jarndyce Islander Dave_SFU Mistral CHRK33 If you don't see your name on one of these lists but want to be on it, let me know in this thread or via PM. If you want to be *removed* from one of these lists, please do the same. FYI, I've updated the design details in the initial post. If a feature has a question mark after it, that means it's still open for discussion; if not, that feature is fixed. Also, I removed the designs that had three or fewer interested members, and I'm probably going to do the same with all designs that have fewer than six interested members after a few days. - K
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I'm interested in the Ravello Cap Toe Boot. Just need to make sure what size I need, but I will do some research.
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ravello cap toe on plaza last
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I'm a strong "maybe" on the Ravello cap toe.
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Hi folks, I've been talking with Keith about a potential shoe, and he suggested I post here to drum up interest. So far we don't have any bluchers, so (as hinted at above), I'd propose the following shoe: -Shortwing blucher -Color 8 shell -Aberdeen last -Regular (non-metal) eyelets -360 degree welt -Antique edgetrim -Double waterloc sole The idea behind this shoe is to provide a four-season, weather-friendly alternative to the popular #8 longwing on a sleeker last. The shortwing looks absolutely stunning on the Aberdeen, and sizing is easy -- you can easily go TTS on the Aberdeen (i.e. one half size up from your Barrie or Trubalance size). This makeup is truly stunning on the Aberdeen: (these Whiskeys are a Tassels exclusive; they're sold out for the foreseeable future though) One other possibility is doing this in Ravello, as the Ravello shortwing does look excellent (minus that blobby Barrie last). However, given the amount of rare shell requests in our group buy, it seems more feasible to do #8 -- it adds a bit of color diversity to our requests, and frankly with age #8 wingtips look absolutely stunning: (just imagine as a shortwing on a different last!) Thoughts? P.S. All these source pictures are enormous so I didn't embed any.
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Tom just did something similar back in January for SF:
shortwing blucher
antiqued edge trim
double oiled leather waterlock soul
360 degree welt
BUT! on the Barrie last.

I jumped on this and hopefully they will show up in September. Also have the ravello shortwing you linked to. I'm not a fan of the Barrie but most of my shoes are on this last. If you like Alden's, and I do, it's damn near impossible to not have this last.
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I'm down for either the ravello cap toe boot or the cigar cap toe boot
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Originally Posted by Slickman View Post
I'm down for either the ravello cap toe boot or the cigar cap toe boot
Considering there seems to be a strong consensus for a ravello captoe boot, instead of a cigar captoe boot for a 3rd design, would anyone have any interest in a cigar wingtip boot w/a commando sole? I think kgmessier mentioned he was interested. Anyone else? I think it would be a sweet makeup.
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Originally Posted by Slickman View Post
I'm down for either the ravello cap toe boot or the cigar cap toe boot

Same here: preferably Barrie/oiled double-waterlock sole. I requested access to the spreadsheet via gmail.
Nice work.
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I think plaza is one of alden's nicest lasts.
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Please add me to MTO02; 360 Welt, Straight Cap Toe, Antique Edge Trim.
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no interest in this one? looks amazing

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SLAB, I'm up for jumper boots, how about in burgundy chromexcel?
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really looking for a pair in cigar shell since i don't own it yet and consider it the best looking shell; perhaps i'd go with hooks but other than that , boots in picture look perfect imo
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