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Alden MTO Forum Group Buy

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Recent discussion in the official Alden thread led me to create this made-to-order group buy thread for a few different styles. At this time, the purpose of this thread is to get an organized reading of how many people have a serious interest in which Alden makeups—enough of an interest to make a group buy possible.


To start, there will be a number of styles based on initial user suggestions. Over the next couple days, as more people show interest in particular models and features, I'll pare it down to a fixed list of the two or three most popular two or three. Once that list is set, people can opt in or out. By the end of next week, we should have an idea of how many folks want to be part of each special order. This is only half of the process, the other half being finding a retailer who can get Alden to produce the special makeup. Retailers whose names have been bandied about include Tom @ Leather Soul, Kathy @ Alden D.C., and Steve @ Leffot. If anyone on this forum has a relationship with any of these retailers and can pin down (1) what could possibly be made for a group order and (2) how many interested parties are required for a particular makeup to go to production, please let me know.


There is a shared spreadsheet that shows people's current interest in the most popular MTO designs (per this thread) and allows them to define specific features the'd like to have. Please PM me and include your Gmail address if you have an interest in one of the makeups listed below, and I will provide you with access to said spreadsheet. (You must have a Gmail account to access the spreadsheet.) Ask to be added to the list ONLY if you are serious about making the purchase. I don't want to go to a retailer saying, "We have twelve people interested in such-and-such a design," only to have eight people back out—it's unfair to those who committed to the design and makes further requests to retailers more awkward. Also, if you're interested in more than one shoe, be sure to mention if you're OK with committing to multiple purchases.



Looks like we're going to have pull tabs on the Ravello cap toe. Also, I've got sizing from pretty much every interested member for both shoe designs, so I'll present those to Alden D.C. and Leffot tomorrow (Monday). More details to come.



Happy Summer Solstice! If you are interested in either of the MTO designs and haven't done so already, please PM me your last-specific shoe size ASAP. We need this information to place the order.



We've finalized the designs for MTO01 and MTO02; the details are shown below. If you are interested in either of these shoes, please PM me so I can add you to the list. I'm hoping to place the order around the end of the month. If you are on the list for either or both of these shoes and would like to be REMOVED, please let me know ASAP.


MTO01. Whiskey Indy Boot



  • Trubalance last
  • Double waterlock oiled leather sole
  • Full eyelets (no speed hooks)
  • Hand stitching
  • 360º welt


MTO02. Ravello Cap Toe Boot



  • Barrie last
  • Double waterlock oiled leather sole
  • Plain cap toe (no brogue)
  • Full painted eyelets (no speed hooks)
  • Antique edge trim
  • 360º welt
  • Pull tabs


That's it for now, folks. Keep in mind there has to be consensus on a particular makeup for the group order to happen. Ten people agreeing to the same overall makeup could work; ten people agreeing to a general style, but each wanting a slight variation, won't.


- K

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I'd be interested in Ravello cap toe boot in Barrie or Plaza last.
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I would suggest a Whiskey Wingtip boot on Plaza last with a commando sole and all eyelets (no speedhooks). I have spoken with Mike at Epaulet about this makeup and he was thinking about doing a preorder for delivery in Spring 2012 (his fall allotment is all taken). But obviously if any other retailer would be open to placing an order earlier we could do that.
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Ravello captoes are sweet. I highly recommend them.

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I'm in for one of the shell boots. First choice would would be the Ravello cap toes but if those are a no go then in for the Whiskey Indy. Barrie last
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I would be in for a whiskey boot. The Indy looks great!
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how about a shell indy on the plaza? any color would be sweet so long as the contrast stitching is actually visible.
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I'd like the indy inn barrie or trubalance, the U-stitching will be weird if it's a pointy toe.

Please also add Ravello indy boots, K
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Whiskey Indy boot with no speed hooks and I'm in!
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If it's going up to a vote, I want speed hooks on the Whiskey Indy. I would also prefer the Grant, Barrie, or Trubalance last to the Plaza for that model.
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Put me down as interested for Ravello Cap Toe Boot
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I would be in for the Whiskey Indy if it is on the Trubalance last with speed hooks and commando sole.

what about these as well:

Plaza wingtip boot in Cigar
Grant captoe boot in Cigar

The plaza cigar is one of my grails
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Thanks for setting this up KG. Sent you a PM. - Joe
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Also might suggest a Tanker Boot similar to the one in the following link but in Cigar...Any interest?
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Originally Posted by rkusmant View Post
I'd like the indy inn barrie or trubalance, the U-stitching will be weird if it's a pointy toe.

Please also add Ravello indy boots, K

do you think it looks weird here?
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