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Originally Posted by SirSuturesALot View Post
When is this going to be available to the general public?

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Well, it's almost here: October 12 is the release date. I'm actually interested to see how well this works...
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I've been beta testing this since it was first released to the developers. I have to say i really like it, especially the quick camera access and notification it just works so smoothly. I have also noticed a significant increase in battery life for the ipod touch. Although could be just me.

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Well, it's installed. I'll give it a run-through once it's finished copying all of my "Archer" episodes. smile.gif
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I've tried twice now to update. I have gotten two different error codes. 3200 and 3172, very annoying. It's going for a 3rd try right now.
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It worked the 3rd time.
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Originally Posted by Logan View Post

It worked the 3rd time.

You know what they say...
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I am very happy with iOs5. Running iCloud on my Mac is more of a mixed bag.

My one big hangup overall is the impossibility of deleting photos from the Photostream. Every drunk town photo? Online, forever. Every cute photo of/by your ex? Online. Every stupid accidental photo of your shoes? Forever. Every pocket photo? Forever. Every photo taken by your kid on your iPad when you thought he was playing games? Online, forever.

(unless you delete the entire photostream and start again, apparently, which seems to defeat the purpose of it)
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I'm not sure how well-publicized this feature is, but iOS5 lets you basically add words to the autocorrect dictionary pretty easily: Settings->General->Keyboard, and scroll to the bottom to add what they call a shortcut. For example, I have "fmin" expand to "I'm running 5 min. late."

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I'm going to enjoy adding to that when i type SHIT....IT EQUALS THE WORD SHIT.
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Originally Posted by Logan View Post

It worked the 3rd time.

Not bad - it took me 7 attempts, but it went quickly since my iPad is brand new so there was nothing to back up. I waited until after the upgrade to transfer the data from my old one.

I'm seeing one glitch. When I go into iTunes on the iPad, not all of my content shows as previously purchased (Download/Downloaded), with no rhyme or reason. I bought 2 movies yesterday - one shows as available for download, the other just shows the price, as if I never bought it.
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Well safari is noticably faster and the split keyboard is awesome. Glad I updated.
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