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Samsonite blacklabel

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Steve B: Went to Bergdorf's and Camouflage over the weekend to see if they had any Samsonite Blacklabel stuff. Camouflage had maybe a couple of shirts. Bergdorf's had 3-4 pairs of pants and 7-8 different styles of shirts. So far those are the only places in the city to get Samsonite blacklabel.
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I was also at Bergdorf's this weekend, and saw that Samsonite Blacklabel stuff. Also, I wasn't specifically looking for it and so wasn't paying very close attention, but I thought I saw some Samsonite pieces at Barney's as well. I might be wrong, however, and just confusing the two so don't necessarily rely on that.
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Steve B. In case you cared, Traffic has Samsonite Blacklabel. Actually, the biggest selection in the L.A. are a right now is the Loehmann's in West Hollywood. Personally, I think that the stuff is over-rated - sort of but what do I know.
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Hmm...I know Barney's used to sell Samsonite when it was designed by Neil Barrett, but thought they stopped a couple yrs ago. Next time I'm in Barneys, I'll check. If you're right, that'd be cool because I'm really starting to like the line.
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Samsonite is very understated. Might seem a bit overpriced for the simply designs. Samsonite was hyped up to be the next Prada Sport but since Neil Barrett left not much stores have been selling it. If you can't find Samsonite then go for Neil Barrett. I've only got one Samsonite Blacklabel shirt from the Travel Wear collection.
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Hey Guys: Thanks for the info. I might be a bit scarce the next 10 days. I'm going to be in NYC at the big book convention, and doing research (LOL-targeted shopping). Steve
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