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Anderson Little

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I've seen a lot of threads about Anderson Little blazers, with alot of hype behind their Made in America ideas. Unfortunately, I've yet to really find any pictures of the actual fit and the image on the website is not too helpful. Tried to contact via email, and the email account apparently doesn't work (I get a bounceback).

Any insight into how American of a fit it is (bag-like) versus European? Being almost a drop 10 I need some significant waist suppression, but I'd at least like to know what I'm getting into.
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I own one -- it's not bad, quite nice for the price. It's usually my emergency travel blazer stashed away at the bottom of my suitcase when I travel every week. It's more sack-suit like than anything else. I'll post a picture sometime this weekend.
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Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that we now have the Anderson-Little Classic Black Blazer with silver buttons available for shipping.

Also, at long last I have a product photo shoot scheduled for next week, so should be adding pics of the Classic Blue Blazer and unveiling our new Classic Black Blazer.
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Hey guys here's a nice news piece just done on the company. Check it out.
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Scott, so your company is actually making a reasonably priced blazer in the USA...that's great!! smile.gif
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Yes, I sure am. Will be having the re-launched company's 6th birthday, and the company's 80th this year.

The Classic Blue Blazer continues to be our cornerstone. Recently I've been excited by a strong upsurge in sales of The Back Blazer with Silver Buttons. I wear mine all the time and took it to Paris with me for my birthday.

It withstood 12 hours in checked baggage and came out of the suitcase virtually wrinkle free and ready to wear.

My Dad has retired, so now the company belongs to me. It's humbling to finally own the company, make our goods in America, and ship them factory direct to you. Just the way my Great-Granfather, my Grandfather and my Father did.

It was a great model when they invented the factory outlet and it still delivers exceptional values on popular priced clothing today.

Check out our Facebook page and please like us. Thank you!
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Yes guys, it's a great time of year to buy a new Navy Blue Blazer or replace the one you have.

We also have the Black Blazer with Silver buttons, a terrific alternative to the Classic Blue Blazer. I wanted one for myself, so I made them for everyone. I just love mine. It's so versatile and made from the same wrinkle resistant wonder fabric as our Navy Blue Blazer.
Buy yours today. Use promo code SF102015 for a 10% discount on all our Blazers!
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