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Has anyone ever heard of?

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Has anyone ever heard of an Italian suit maker by the name of Giorgio Andreani.

I picked up one at Burlington Coat Factory for 189.00. There were a dozen others all priced at 350.00, and compare to (retail price) was 900.00.

It is a beutiful suit doesnt appear to be fused. It is a much nicer suit than my Boss suits.

I couldnt find anything about this designer or brand online. Well, for 189.00 its a great find.
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never heard of it. if it was at burlington coat factory, it is probably fused, but fusing is getting better every year.
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never heard of it. hope it's not fused, sounds suspicious.
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It sounds like a made up name. At that price do not complain. but also don't expect anything like hand work. Most likely fused, but that is just fine.

Worth the $189 I doubt it is worth $350. worth $900 if there is $700 inside a pocket.

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I recently bought a Giorgio Andreani suit at Burlington too. It is a fantastic looking blue/grey 3 button with a really sporty cut. The salesman told me he's heard that the Andriani's are rebranded Armani suits. Frankly, I don't know if I believe it nor do I care. It is a steal at $185 and compares very favorably to other, far more expensive, Italian suits I've owned. Also, it is definitely not fused.
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what is fusing?
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Originally Posted by vanity
what is fusing?

From MBA Style magazine:

Men's Lapels Lapel styles come in high or low notches. Button your suit. The lapels should lie flat, clinging to you chest. They should not buckle or bunch up. Take your thumb and first finger, and rub the inside and the outside of the lapel together. The inside and outside lapel panels should move independently. If they don't, your lapels have probably not been sewn, but heat-fused with glue. Hand stitched lapels usually have 14 stitches per inch, while machine stitched one have 8 per inch. The more stitching, the better.
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They're getting this test wrong. Fused lapels will move independently.

Fusing is simply a heat-activated glue on a layer of fabric interlining that is glued to a layer of the actual suiting fabric to add body in the lapels and chest. The preferable alternative is a suit that is canvassed, which uses a layer of fabric stitched with many machine or hand stitches to the back layer of the body fabric in the lapels.

The problem with fusing is that it doesn't produce the shape and especially the roll of the lapel that good canvassing can do, and also that it is susceptible to eventually bubbling or peeling away from the body fabric and ruining the suit, especially after repeated drycleaning and pressing.
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I'm going to try to get some pics of the suit up since I am so impressed.

Also, should I be able to feel the canvas? I'm gonna check as soon as I pick the suit up from the tailor.

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"I'm going to try to get some pics of the suit up since I am so impressed.

Also, should I be able to feel the canvas? I'm gonna check as soon as I pick the suit up from the tailor.


I am also extremely impressed with this suit. I know it is not fused. My Boss suits are fused. My higher level Hickey Freemans are not. I know what a fused suit feels like. This suit is not fused. I knew i was gonna get some ridicule after posting my OP. Im glad you bought one of these too.
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there is nothing wrong with a fused suit. At that price it is too expensive to use a full canvas. A better a decent fusing then a poorly made canvas front.

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I dont know what you mean by "that price point". None of the suits at Burlington are made to be sold at Burlington. So the suit was not made to be sold for 189.00. There were some other suits by the same maker at Burlington selling for 350.00.

Since Burlington is a discount chain, they have compare to pricing on their tags. For the most part their compare to's are spot on and not exaggerated. For example they had the Lauren by Ralph Lauren suits (fused made in Canada) for 199.00 and the compare to price was 400.00. I dont think I saw one compare to price that was inflated.

Dont get me wrong, Burlington stocks a bunch of crap that I usually would never wear. I got lucky that day. I usually go in there and leave with all my money and two empty hands.
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I know this post is very old, but if anyone is still interested, I own 2 (maybe three, I have to check when I get home) Giorgio Andreani suits. They also have the "Reda" tag, and the information on the tag in the inside pocket has all the Made in Italy, Pure Wool, sizing in Italian, etc.

I bought these suits from a small shop in Montreal. I have been buying there since 2006, and have never been dissapointed with the clothes. The owner tells me she imports her stuff direct from Italy, and that most of what she carries are smaller name brands that are not sold in the US. I am not suprised to hear that these suits are a re-labeling of Armani suits, or brands of that stature, because she mentioned something like that to me a while back, also.

I paid a lot more for them, around $500, but I am sitting right now in a Giorgio Andreani suit that I bought 4 years ago, which to me looks almost as good as the day I bought it. I have never had any problems with any of my suits, the tailoring is great (it is not fused), they have a classic but tailored fit, and I get compliments on them all of the time, including from colleagues that I happen to know wear quite expensive suits. I consider these a steal, and the quality is defiintely superior to the $500-600 Boss suit you are going to get on sale at Macy's.

With all due respect to the person who posted a pic of their Burlington Andreani suits on the forum, my suits are much nicer than yours. The stitching on mine looks much more professional.

I also buy Rodrigo shirts from this store. They are made by Industria Adriatica Confezioni (there is a website, which is hard to find but I have a link for somewhere). I challenge anyone to find nicer shirts than these for $55-65 a pop. Made and woven in Italy, again classic but tailored fit, amazing quality (I retired my first shirt after 4 years of continual use), etc. etc. They are almost impossible to find in the states (I found one on, once), and there is no online store. I wouldn't even consider buing a BB shirt at this point, and even Boss shirts that I have don't compare. Anyway, thought I would put in my two cents.
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Not really looking for a new suit right now but what's the small shop you got them from just for fun?
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