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That's what I have in my closet. I have about 8 white and 4 light blue dress shirts. I have a darker blue as well.

Originally Posted by idfnl View Post
There are only 2.

Light blue

Once you have that, anything goes.
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Pink shirts are overdone. Get over them... back in the gay list!

For me:

1. White shirt
2. White shirt
3. Blue shirt
4. Striped blue shirt

No nancy boy french cuffs here too.

Pink shirt, french cuff = Australian/ English Metro
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Originally Posted by A Canuker View Post
How on earth could one live with a 4 shirt rotation? I have 50+ shirts and often feel as though I have a limited selection. I do find it odd that I have one black shirt that has not been worn more than three times in a few years, most likely will stay in such a place and will never be bought again.

Hoarders is a great show
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French Blue
Cornflower Blue Mini Gingham check
Sky Blue

All barrel double button cuff.
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don't know, i like owning many in many types of textures and colors mostly cool and neutral colors
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White & Light blue, at least for the first 8 or so shirts.
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1) White shirt
2) light blue shirt
3) blue/white striped shirt.
4) black! (just kidding, yellow gingham).
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1. White
2. Sky/light blue (plain weave)
3. Light pink or mauve (plain weave)
4. White-based pinstripe shirt (stripes would preferably be navy or mid-blue, but dark purple ok)

Any of these would go well with navy or charcoal suits, French cuff preferred.
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How does black make the list? Are there that many waiters in the world?

As for my list:
Pale Blue
Pencil Stripe (white and gray)
Blue Gingham
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White Shirt Light Blue Shirt White Shirt Light Blue Shirt Black Shirt gets thrown in there when going out. But I agree, bourbonbasted, it shouldn't fall in the top four.
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White Blue Pink Purple (maybe), Probably add another White one here. French cuffs on all as I just started working for a British company.
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Originally Posted by jakeyt View Post
So Maxim and have a list of the top 5 dress shirts to own.

Maxim writes to own
1. A white dress shirt
2. A light blue dress shirt
3. A pink/lavender dress shirt
4. A black and white checkered dress shirt writes to own a
1. A white Zegna dress shirt
2. Light Blue Armani Collezioni dress shirt
3. A Baker grey shirt and
4. A Gucci black shirt

Your thoughts?

Personally, I think a white, sky blue, blue on white striped shirt, and some derivative thereof are shirts to own.

Feel free to chime in

Personally I think both Maxim and askmen are sh1tty agenda driven providing sh1tty advice.
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1) white (french cuffs)
2) light blue (barrel cuffs)
3) light blue (barrel cuffs)
4) pink (barrel cuffs)
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My favorites are white, light pink and light blue.
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Originally Posted by Eustace Tilley View Post
1. White
2. Light Blue
3. Light Blue
4. Light Blue

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