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Top 4 Dress Shirts To Own

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So Maxim and have a list of the top 5 dress shirts to own.

Maxim writes to own
1. A white dress shirt
2. A light blue dress shirt
3. A pink/lavender dress shirt
4. A black and white checkered dress shirt writes to own a
1. A white Zegna dress shirt
2. Light Blue Armani Collezioni dress shirt
3. A Baker grey shirt and
4. A Gucci black shirt

Your thoughts?

Personally, I think a white, sky blue, blue on white striped shirt, and some derivative thereof are shirts to own.

Feel free to chime in
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1. White dress shirt (solid)
2. Light Blue dress shirt (solid)
3. Light Pink/Lavender dress shirt (solid)
4. Royal Blue gingham button down

Would be happy with these in my closet and nothing else. Well, maybe swap Light Blue with Lavender and Light Pink at #3.
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My top 4:
1. White (solid)
2. Light Blue (solid)
3. Mauve/Lavender (solid)
4. Black (black striped) - for the casual nights
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Forget Askmen. <-> who says we should own a particular brand?

Maxim have a better indication.

My Top 4:
White (Solid)
Light Blue (Solid)
White with Blue Pinstripe
Blue with white pinstripe

You could replace stripes with checks, I find vertical stripes better since I do not wear stripe sport coats or pants.
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My top 4 is White(solid) Light blue(solid) Light pink(solid) Multi-colored paisley silk
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solid white (both spread and polo collars) solid light blues stripes/checks/gingham in blues patterns in other colors, but still very conservative I have pink dress shirts, but I don't think of them as tops in my rotation like I did a few years ago when it was more of a statement.
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If I owned only four dress shirts (or were starting a collection with the first four), they'd be 2 whites and 2 light blue solids. Maybe even 1 white and 3 light blues.

I wouldn't even start to consider patterns until I were on my 8th shirt or so.
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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

Dude, come on. I know you've read enough of SF to know that you need some colors (by which I mean blue )

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IMO 1) white 2) light blue 3) blue stripe on white 4) slightly fancier, e.g. pink, lavender, blue with white stripe, gingham check in any conservative color, etc. However, if I were wearing dress shirts 4 days of the week, Don Carlos is closer to what I'd have: 2 white and 2 light blue. If I were wearing suits to work every weekday, I'd get a combination of 5 white and light blue shirts before buying patterns or other colors (I might get 1-2 white-on-white textured shirts to be daring, though ;-) )
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Color choice not exactly much different from what was there before
1) white - spread collar, french cuffs
2) light blue - spread collar, french cuffs
3) light pink - spread collar, french or barrel cuffs
4) medium blue with white stripes - medium spread collar, barrel cuffs

Brands...does not matter, but they should fit perfectly
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1. White
2. Light Blue
3. Light Blue
4. Light Blue
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b&w check =
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Originally Posted by Eustace Tilley View Post
1. White
2. Light Blue
3. Light Blue
4. Light Blue

This or I could even go all light blue.
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1. plain white (barrel cuff)
2. plain white (double cuff)
3. plain light blue (barrel or double cuff)
4. plain dark shirt, e.g. black (barrel or duble cuff)
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