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Originally Posted by trum01 View Post

The number of new people commenting on this thread as their first post is rather strange. 
Agreed. And with the many negative reviews, the positive ones are just suspect
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I got my Oakley's! They look so cool, but they have to be - I chose them! :) 


Got original casing and cloth, seems they are original they look just like ones I tried on at the mall. I'll run tomorrow to the store and compare them hand to hand so I could be 100% sure, but at first glance I think it's the real deal. 


I waited exactly a week for delivery. 

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I was about to buy a pair and now thinking twice after reading this thread. I am wondering if their Buy Safe over does not protect buyers appropriately. They seem to have a huge number of testimonials. Are you guys saying that these are fake?
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I have just checked framesbroker.com and shadesemporium.com with BuySafe and THEY ARE NOT IN THEIR LIST. I have reported to them that they are displaying their BuySafe seal.
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I had an absolutely wonderful experience with shades emporium! I fell in love with a pair of Tom Ford cat eye glasses in a big name department store but I did not love their price. A friend recommended Shades Emporium to me and I was able to find my Tom Fords for a price I loved! When the glasses arrived they were just as beautiful as they were when I first tried them on. This is a fantastic site with a huge selection, great service, and fair prices. I HIGHLY recommend it!biggrin.gif
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I am so very pleased with my experience with Shades Emporium. The website was so easy to search through and all the selections of brands were up to date and well priced. The online assistance was so helpful and the staff were incredibly nice. I would recommend Shades Emporium to everyone!

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I posted yesterday asking if there is any old member -someone that has posted more than me, not just twice- that has had any experience with this frames sites and my post was removed. Might I know why my post was removed?

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Word on the streets is that they are Russians that have a shop in Brooklyn, New York called Popular Eyewear. They make their money off of scamming people from their return policy. They don't have most of the products they show on their website, if any at all. They display a ton of glasses on their website for really cheap to attract people. When someone purchases something you have only 4 hours to cancel then they hit you with their $35 restocking fee. Obviously with no intention of you sending you anything in the first place. $35 a pop times a bunch of people equals a lot of money. Then who knows where your credit card info goes from there.... I know they are currently under lawsuits from some of the designers they display as they are not even associated with MOST of them, now that the secret is out.


When you really search for info on them (on all their websites; FramesBroker.com, ShadesEmporium.com, FramesEmporium.com, ShadesBroker.com, etc, etc, see the trend...) just like this forum you find crazy bad stuff said about them. I am not talking about the google reviews they wrote themselves, real forums where real people are complaining of this happening.


What I dont understand is they have been doing this for YEARS! Why are they still on the internet?! And at the top of Google searches making even easier to scam the innocent?! Is there no such thing as the internet police?! If this was an actual store front doing something like this how long do you think they would last? ... so why can they get away with it on the internet?


~ I've done my research.

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I found their site trough Google Shopping.

They really have a lot of products.

Are any of these sites for real?












Why is it so hard to know if they are legit?

I tried my best to find about Go-Optic and it's still unclear if I can buy or not.

Do you know any optical online retailer that can be trusted and that has a large selection?

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Honestly if you are interested in a pair of glasses you see on a website, look under their about us and research online if they have an actual store, maybe even call the store. If they don't then I wouldn't buy from them. Many of these manufacturers require you to have an actual brick and mortar store to sell their products. If they don't have a store I would find someone who does. No sense in wasting your hard earned money on something that isnt sure, especially with the amount of counterfeit products there are these days in ever industry.

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sure, maybe someone knows a legit one.

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