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looking for advice - need direction

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tech at investment bank?
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sounds like management consulting is your thing.

You would act in a directorship role, providing advice through external consulting to a firm, but aren't tied down to earnings calls.

Pay is good, hours reasonable.
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Originally Posted by nopenope View Post
I thought I would have stuff figured out by now, but unfortunately that's not the case - this is not a tale of woe of any sort. I'm generally happy with my progress thus far, but I don't know where to go next

So here's the story: I work for a company that went public (supported multiple rounds of financing). 2nd in command during project finance deal. Internal strategy role. I think my chosen field is a bad deal for VC's - too capital intensive and too much $$ invested before you know if the tech works. I'm a natural fit for big oil (used to work as eng) but their major metric is not screwing things up which is not appealing to me. I'm interested in science and technology but also really enjoy finance theory. I like the idea of private companies managed by milestones, not quarterly earnings, but i don't like the idea of possibly insane owners.

Does anyone have suggestions on where to look next?

Skill set: learning, input, competitive, strategic, futuristic. top 3 eng, top 5 mba

Project Finance at a solar company? Like a Solyndra, etc.
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