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Originally Posted by Galix View Post
Hey guys!

Nice post. I have a question about cordovan. Next winter I'll be moving to a place where it literally rains on average 235 days a year, plus occasional snow. Is it cordovan a better option than calf for that insane amount of water? And what about soles: dainite or commando?

And if someone is wondering which city I'm talking about, it's Bergen, in the western coast of Norway.

Shell "rolls" more than it creases, and, as mentioned, there won't be any fine creasing since there is no grain.

I wear my shell shoes all winter and absolutely in the rain. When shell gets wet sometimes welts will appear, but this can usually be resolved by brushing or rewetting the shoes evenly and then allowing to dry (naturally - no moving air or heat). If the sidewalks are salty I always wipe the salt away at the end of the day.

These should be able to to ship to Norway - http://www.menshoes.de/en/oberleder/..._from_store=de

Carmina is always a great option with Dainite Soles - http://www.carminashoemaker.com/
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Thank you for the info guys!

Still several months to go, but I'm more or less sure about what to get: Carmina boots in shell cordovan and dainite sole.
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Any idea if these might be shell cordovan?

They look like they are rippling not creasing.

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