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I am a gentleman-hobo and I don't think I spend near enough on clothes. By my estimation, I am 2 pairs of C&J handgrades short of being able to go out in public. And my upcoming fall wardrobe is a mess, no jacketing planned at all.
Correct me if I am wrong, but wouldn't a gentleman-hobo be satisfied purchasing Southwick suits and Alden shoes from a thrift store? Doesn't sound like money would be such an issue in those sorts of stores.
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"I'm a simple man... with complex tastes" - Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes
wouldn't a gentleman-hobo be satisfied purchasing Southwick suits and Alden shoes from a thrift store?
Strangely, no. I am (un)fortunately graced with uncommon taste in clothes. Balancing one's wardrobe needs with one's other basic needs for living (alcohol, art, food, shelter) might be easy if your an investment banker but rather more complicated when your a flaneur. My current profession, drinking espresso, doesn't pay very well. While I have no qualms shopping at thrift-stores, I know of only a few that sell vintage Savile Row clothing and they are all located in London, far from my usual tramping grounds. I'm on the verge of making another pilgrimage to London and have pretty well worked out a system for free air travel (it involves a cargo plane). While there, I plan on trying on some Crockett & Jones handgrades. If the 337 last fits my over-sized but narrow-ankled feet, then I will be compelled to make a purchase. Incidentally, if anyone can recommend a good London hostel that caters to gentlemen-hobos, as opposed to drunken Australian students, I would appreciate it.
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ALJ, I would say that my "wardrobe building" is very extensive -- I see the need of having two pairs of black shoes, 2 pairs of brown shoes, and one pair of burgundy, even though I could make due with simply the two pair of black. I see a need to have both a pair of oxfords to wear with chinos and jeans AND have the McCallum Chukkas, when really I good make due with one of those. I see the need in having a couple of cashmere sweaters when merino wool might do. I recently bought 5 pairs of Polo shorts (avg cost of $26 each) even though I could make due with one and wear it out really quickly. To that extent, my "wardrobe building" is a bit extensive. But I'm not a person who is going to have 25 suits in the closet -- I just don't have the closet space nor the money. I am not going to have more than 10 pairs of shoes total, I guarantee it. I won't have more than 20 shirts, or more than 6 - 7 suits, or more than 3 - 4 pairs of dress slacks.
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Im scared to even try to do the math...
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I honestly don't want to know. I spent more than I should, and less than I can. If I knew exactly how much I spend per annum, much of the pleasure of clothing would evaporate. Unlike the esteemed johnnynorman3, I have 15 suits, 50+ dress shirts, 40+ pairs of shoes, 5 sportcoats and 15 pairs of odd trousers. That doesn't even touch on the casual side of my wardrobe... In my own defense, other than a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity, I must say that it's taken nearly 15 years to amass what currently overflows the closets in my home - and I really like not having to wear the same pair of shoes more than 4-5 times a year - they last forever that way.
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I must ask: what types and makes of shoes? 40+ is a god-awful lot of shoes. I now have some sort of response to my girlfriend's mocking comments regarding my shoe collection. I have (only.?) 20 some odd pair. But, then, I am 24, so my vice has time to mature.
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Allen Edmonds, Alden, Crockett & Jones, Church's are the majority, a pair of Bass Weejun's, Sperry Topsiders, and a few odds and ends.
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I honestly have no clue, but I'm betting at least a couple thousand.
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Hmm, well, I'm in a unique position, because what I spend on new clothes each year is always much less than the proceeds resulting from the sale of the items they replace. So the only thing I ever spend is time.
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I don't feel so badly now that I see I'm in the majority. I read an interview with Giorgio Armani, one of my favorite designers, who said he thinks Levi jeans are quintessential fashion items, and so I have convinced myself I can be stylish on a strict budget.
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[deleted - "Marc", see below] -j.
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"Marc", or whoever you are, you are banned, again. Your IP is banned, so you may not be able to read this. Please stop signing up new accounts or I will contact your ISP and have your service terminated. Additionally, in Washington state, where this board is based for business purposes, it is a misdemeanor to use computer resources without consent, under our anti spam laws. I am perfectly willing to file the paperwork and get the $500 per instance from you, if you insist on continuing this juvenile behavior. And there are a few lawyers on the board who might be interested in taking the case on contingency, since you have already posted at least 7 separate unsolicited posts consuming my (and their) bandwidth, for a total of $3500 so far by our laws. It would be wise for you to simply stop and go away. Thanks.
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I'm building up my wardrobe, and I'm making, every year: 2 suits (€700 x 2) 4 shirts (€100 x 4) 2 shoes (€700 x 2) 2 ties (€90 x 2) 1 hat (€100) socks x 100€ underwear x 100€ accessories x 500€ (braces, belts, ...) That is: 4000-5000.
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I'm making a transition from buying uttter shit, so I'd say 2,000-5000.
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Originally Posted by TACO_FLAVORED_KISSES View Post
I'm making a transition from buying uttter shit, so I'd say 2,000-5000.

Be careful it is very very addictive especially if you go bespoke...
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