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Would be interested in Brad in Black pending measurements and a look at construction.
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Any updates on this mate?
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I'm keen, but will wait for some more pics and reports.
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I am ordering the Brad jacket form him and should hopefully have it in the next few weeks with pics and a review.
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Hi Guys, Thought it would be polite to just say I am working on things and in the coming weeks I hope to be able to have a basic website live. As Mr K has said he is discussing an order so I hope, pending his decision to order and a subsequent review that things will start to move forward with this project. In the meantime, here's a quickie of my own Trialmaster in Camel leather; And relaxing in the home office....wearing a know as you do !!!
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Do you mind me asking where would you be shipping from?
Something tells me that you are not EU based.
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Hypothetically, i'd be intrested in a Dark Brown Trialmaster, pending more pictures and reports on quality.
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Hopefully in the next few weeksI can give a review. I just got my final sheet on my Brad in dark brown leather with gunmetal hardware. I am looking forward to the final product. I am hoping that for the price is is decent.
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i'm not a belstaff afficianado by any means, but that first picture, trialmaster, looks pretty cool. how is it SUPPOSED to fit? i've got odd dimensions, but would be interested in this. anyone get one yet and can opine on quality and styling and fit? I assume the normal belstaff trialmaster is a stiffer leather, not the softer leather (by design and intention)?
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If you don't mind me asking, how can they cost so little? I'm suspecting the leather quality will not be good.
Although saying that, I'd definitely interested if user feedback is good.
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My wife fancied a ladies Trialmaster. So we worked on the ladies version. She received it yesterday and is very pleased.

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Expressing interest at the black trialmaster inspired jacket, at that price point!

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^^Not bad!
The jacket seems OK too...
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interested and following!
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I thought some members might be interested in an email I recieved from my first real customer who recieved their jacket last week. Here's what they wrote in an email to me;

When it comes to choosing the one jacket I'm happy to wear both on the bike or off it, for any situation, then your choice is very limited. For someone as fussy as myself the problem doubles as quality durability as well as fashionable styling are very important.

So when I came across Jay and his excellent range of wax cotton and leather jackets, with designs that hark back to the traditional styles of riding favorites such as Belstaff and Barbour, my problem was solved. The handmade 'Panther' style leather jacket Jay supplied was of very high quality with a great cut and although I could have specified personal sizing, I chose an 'off-the'rack' size which could have been made to measure - all this at a fraction of the cost I could have paid for 'branded' product.

From start to finish Jay's service was impeccable, he gave great advice, was courteous to my questions and requests with reciprocal communication all round - Its the kind of service that is rare these days.

Thanks Jay for all your help and I love the jacket!

Troy Elliott, Lincolnshire

Of course I know I could have easily written this, but I guess all I can say is ..I didn't and it is genuine. I thought it would be a bit much to ask the customer to register on the forum to post a testimonial for me !
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