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I managed without buying anything. Barely.

Then again, for me it was only one month.
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Originally Posted by barzen View Post
It's interesting -- after I made this pledge, I started to think of all these things I wanted to buy, and started noticing all these good deals, annual sales, etc! You deny yourself something and it starts becoming more apparent and hard to avoid.
The secret is to avoid stores ... or already have everything.
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I sort of followed the rules? I slightly bent them a bit to be honest.

I polished my shoes and didn't purchase any additional clothing related items. But I did have to reorder a pair of sunglasses that I'd originally ordered in May since the first company kept making excuses for three weeks.
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Oh yes, that.

I polished a few shoes quite well, added suspender buttons to a pair of pants, and polished those shoes again. Not much, I know, but definitely in compliance.

I didn't buy more buttons, nor did I buy more shoe wax. I will now, of course.
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60 days down. Another 30? Yes.
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I failed.

Made the mistake of walking into a thrift store that gets a lot of overstock from Wilkes Bashford and spotted a beautiful tie. It was too good to let it get away.

On the home alterations end, I did shorten some shirt sleeves.

I am out for July. While I think frugality is a virtue (in moderation), I do not like the burden of total abstinence, and I am confident that I can keep my spending under control while still engaging in the occasional treasure hunt for new ties and pocket squares at bargain prices.
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I know there was something in the first post about not doing one of these for July & August, but I'd be up for participating this month. Got some much-desired activewear at the Patagonia sale yesterday, and now I'm "set" for a while...
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