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They do have the navy blue suit left - but only the SC is left. I do proxies for NYC Uniqlo. Just served 2 more members on this fabulous forum.
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Well, I packed the J+ jacket in the shopping bag for 3~4 days and it seems there are 4 big chest wrinkles that suspiciously look like fused suit bubbles. I do not think I tend to buy bubbling jacket on purpose. I think I should pray that there is any remaining jackets to exchange.
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What do you mean by SC?
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^I'm guessing sport coat. Uniqlo socks are great, by the way - reasonably priced, comfortable, durable and comes in a wide range of colours. I especially like the marls. I need a navy +J suit too, but in wool.
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Anybody interested in $129.90 uniqlo store credit for $120?
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Can anyone comment on the sizing on shirts long and short sleeve this season?

I got a friend going to NY this weekend and I usually get JPN Med / US Small but looking at the measurements on the JPN site, it looks like things run bigger now???!
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My XS oxfords are between 15.25"- 16" s2s and 18"-18.5" p2p
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'Flannel check shirts' (new season's good)
--------------------S-- M--- L----- XL -total length 74-- 76-- 78-- 80 sleeve length -- 58.5--- 60.5--- 62-- 63.5 shoulder-------- 44 -- 45.5 --47-- 49 neck------------ 38 --- 40--- 42--- 44
on centimetres with Asian measurements. Asian L = European/American M.
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Anyone get to see those new spring flannel check shirts? How's the quality? Was thinking of grabbing a couple but last fall they had some cotton checked shirts that felt like sandpaper.
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They're pretty thickk and nice.

BTW I do Uniqlo Proxies! Just served 1 more member - totaling over 70 members served on this forum, domestically & internationally!
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First pic of +J FW11?

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Originally Posted by driveslowk View Post

Anybody interested in $129.90 uniqlo store credit for $120?

rofl i thought youw ere gonna say $129 credit for $129
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Just wanted to say that I used Plei89 as a proxy, and he was awesome. Decent fees, very fast service, and provided me with multiple pictures and measurements. Will be having him proxy for me multiple times in the future.
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How are people supposed to order now that Uniqlo doesn't do phone/email orders?
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