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tc that already looks slim as it is unzipped i can only imagine zipped. not saying it looks bad looks good just that doesn't look oversized.
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Originally Posted by Coldsnap View Post

sort of want.

is this online?
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yea it is for uniqlo usa its 79 and change. coldsnap for $79 wouldn't hurt to give it a try.
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just ordered the ma-1 and the reversible parka in xs. hoping both don't fit too big on me. dlester thanks for the heads up on the restock worship2.gif
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Will check out the sheepskin in beijing tomorrow. Anyone seen the fleece pants?
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Thanks for the tip on the restock. Picked up a small in black just to round out the options.

I also picked up one of these to try out:

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notwithit so you got 3 ma-1's on the way? also let me know how that jacket fits i'm also interested in it.
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I'll post my thoughts and maybe some pics (if it's not too beastly hot outside) when they show up. Hopefully they'll get here on Wednesday, since I'm out of town Thursday and Friday. If not, I'll post this weekend.
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I went with medium, but I'm curious how small will go for you, since I believe we're roughly around the same size.

I'm trying out their roll edge sweater and considering their tweed blazer. The fit on the last blazer I got from them was awful, though. :/
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What do you all think about the faux leather biker jacket:

I was pretty apprehensive about fake leather, but I saw it in person today and was pleasantly surprised.  The black one feels even softer than the brown one, and the build quality appears to be shockingly good for $60.  It does carry a warning stating that after about 3 years, the resin coating will start to degrade, but for a disposable piece good for a few of seasons, it seems pretty good.  Anyone have any experience with their faux leather?

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3 years for $60 is not bad id give it a shot.
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Iphone dbl
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got my black ma-1 and reversible parka in xs. both fit pretty good just enough room to fit a button down under them. i take xs in all brands i sometimes have to tailor to get slimmer/shorter.

unzipped both look kind of boxy but zipped is nice.
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Originally Posted by nomad View Post

is this online?
This is straight up nice. I got it today, it is warm, stiff enough to stand, however sleeve are bit long, XS fits me perfectly for my 34 Chest, 27 Waist, 5'6 120lbs.
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I might have to pick up an MA-1..
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