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I can't say for sure - just grabbed two of the light blue and walked out, didn't look around at other colors/sizes sorry.
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Originally Posted by sdedalus1 View Post

Did you see any navy XS? They were out of navy in all sizes at both Soho & Fifth Ave a few days ago (also online).

Just went to the 34th store; no more navy oxfords.


Best colorway, imo.

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Waiting for the premium tees to go on sale.

Does anyone know when they go on sale? There used to be a dude here that would post a sale list every week.
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I hope they bring back the lavender slim fit OCBD.

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I bought way too many slim oxfords. No more button downs needed ever again.
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Nil you need to double what you bought
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Any of the current oxfords have a square hem?
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Originally Posted by crosswound View Post

Nil you need to double what you bought

To truly have enough for the rest of my life, perhaps. But I'm not trying to be like a victim of the Epaulet thread with a closet full of the same item in every single variation.
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True that.  I have way too many uniqlo button downs, and oxfords...even getting the oxfords in different sizes and slim and regular just to cover all the bases.  but hell, they are nice and i'm wearing one right now.  


no brainer b/c the oxford is $29 or $19 on sale, compare that to epaulet's $150 (which I do have some too, and they are def nicer, but 5x or 7x better? likely not).  

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i bought 2 uniqlo slim button downs in xs to try out. did not work out as planned too big so i had to return.

nil you know you want to double your current amount.
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Hello everyone, my first post on Styleforum.


I'm sure a similar question has been addressed somewhere in this thread but it's pretty dificult to locate it with nearly 600 pages--so I was hoping yall could help me out a little.


I've been searching for a brand that fits my body to no avail. I'm 5'8 and weigh 155 lbs. I have a normal (slender by American standards) Asian body frame but also have a slightly muscular build. My jacket size seems to be somewhere between 36 and 37. As a point of comparison, I can't even fit into J.Crew's slim fit line because while their size small fits well in the shoulder width and chest, the armhole and sleeves are way too big and loose throughout.


From what I've read, it seems like Uniqlo has relatively narrower sleeves so I wanted to give it a try. What line (slim vs others) and what size (XS vs S) do you think would best fit me?

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you wouldn't be an XS in uniqlo.  Jcrew fits big.  


imo, your chest says small to me, but your height and weight says medium.  

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Definitely not a xs. I wear xs at 5'7 120 lbs. you might be a s or m judging by your stats. American brands fit big. To give you a comparison most American xs are too big for me.
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Anyone have experience with the new chino shorts on the site or chino shorts in the past. I have a 29" waist and the small's measurements say 31.5" waist and 12.5" thigh. The 10.5" inseam looks good but I'm surprised its so relaxed.

Is that accurate? And/or will they shrink with wash? Should I get the small or not bother
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