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I need a new pair of chinos. do you all recommend the slim fit flat front chinos? they look pretty good for the price. Is the fit decent? i'm guessing the sizing is TTS

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Originally Posted by Epik View Post

Does Uniqlo accept returns with tags even though the little plastic wires have been cut?
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I don't know why they should be so strict about returns because of a little tag that can be easily attached, especially since most people would be more than happy with store credit. Just returned an oxford with the tag cut, hope there's no problems.

I don't understand the rationale here. I mean if you cut the tag, what stops you from wearing it and returning it after one wear as long as the tags are OK. If you cut the tag off you even have the opportunity to wash the shirt before returning it if they allowed shirts to be returned with tags, but not attached to shirt.
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If I had a shop I wouldn't accept returns without the tag, usually means you wore it.

Why the fuck would you cut it if it hasn't been worn.
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just ordered 2 of the slim button up shirts in xs hopefully they work out i noticed that they sell out fast early yesterday the colors where almost fully stocked today most of the essential colors are almost gone.
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Got a flannel in large for the promotion price, too bad they look like they're done for the season. Fit is perfect (I wish the oxfords fit like this.) Got some premium socks for a buck something a pair. I Didn't know they were thin dress socks. Oh well. Are the crew socks good regular every day socks?
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These are their flagship everyday socks.  The marled ones are more casual, some colors are more dressy than others.


If you're looking at something sporty.


I have a ton of those and they are really good, but I only have it in white, couldn't find the white ones on the site.  


Personally, I don't like their short socks, doesn't feel right for some reason.

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Thinking about getting the dry easy jacket. Anyone know if it looks good with the collar up?

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do the oxfords shrink in length at all after washing?
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Originally Posted by UltraMagnetical View Post

do the oxfords shrink in length at all after washing?

Was going to do a before/after measurement, but forgot. Either way, definitely shrunk at least a half inch in length and sleeve length washed cold, dried low. 

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^^Did it shrink in chest and body width too?
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Can someone tell me if there is any difference between Uniqlo Airism low rise Boxer Brief vs their regular low rise briefs?

They almost share the same contents of materials. What does the Airism have that makes it more pricey?
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Anyone know what the deal is with this shirt? Already got a few airism t-shirts for running when the weather warms up.
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I got those last summer. They are pretty tight, so more of an undershirt.
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Originally Posted by Timbaland View Post

^^Did it shrink in chest and body width too?

Yeah, but not a lot. Maybe like 1/4" or less total? Not enough that I noticed a difference when wearing it. 

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Thanks, they barely fit me as is.
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