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The new slim fit chinos are not quite as nice as the old iteration, fabric feels a little cheaper...

Did pick up a few sweaters from returns as well, good buys
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Anyone care to comment on the quality of the sweatshirts? Warm? Crappy etc?
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I like mine a lot, warm and construction is solid
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Went to the SF store and bought a few things. Roundup:

1. Dri light weight blazer (M)- Great piece for spring and mild summers. Unstructured. No lining. Sleeves fit perfectly. Great slim fit even for thinner guys. Very lightweight, felt more breezy than even the linen blazers and thus went with this one.
2. Linen cotton blend blouson (M)- Again as mentioned it's unlined. More of a shirt jacket. Maybe a bit more expensive than it should be at $50 but still bought it cause it's a a decent slim fit (for linen).
3. "Ervell" shawl collar cardigan (M) - It was on sale so not much stock left. May be the the best piece I bought. Up there with the EFM knits that uniqlo makes.
4. The slim fit oxfords (M) - funny enough not much difference between the regular fit and slim fit oxfords in terms of the chest and shoulder measurements.
5. Linen shirts (M) - they're long and probably wouldn't work for shorter guys, but work for my height. Their surprising slim fit (for linen) and am very happy with the navy.

1.The cricket sweater (M)- a bit of a looser knit and fit a bit boxy for my body shape.
2. Dri fit Tshirt (M)- Wish it was a deeper V. Fairly thin material most obvious on the white Ts but they fit me the best. The premium cotton Ts are much slimmer (especially in the arms) while these are more of a regular fit.
3. Linen blend shawl collar cardigans - Didn't try them on. The red didn't look as rich in real life. And the "ervell" ones felt nicer.

1. The lightweight denim jeans - mix of linen and cotton. Great idea but drape weird. They look like jeans but flare like linen.

FWIW, I'm 6 feet 180 ilbs 40 inch chest.

I wanted a pair of white jeans but the only ones they had in store (in regular or slim fit) were the 100% off white cotton made in japan denim. The fit was great but I'm used to elastane in jeans now. Anyone know the hem width for the slim fit color jeans for a 33 or 34 waist?
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Just ordered three linen shirts for summer, two slim oxfords, a pair of shorts and some socks. Hope the linen shirts are good, seem to be getting good reviews in here.

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I have two linen shirts.  I'm very pleased with them.

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^TTS or size down? measurements look big
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Received three linen shirts today in XS today - two white, one plaid. Size S was much too long and baggy (5'8"), but these fit really well. The only downside is that the collar is too tight, but I don't plan on wearing them with ties.

On the other hand, I'm not too impressed with the premium v-neck. I wear a size M in Everlane tees, but the Uniqlo size M feels a bit tighter and the v-neck is too shallow. The dry deodorant mesh tank-tops from the undershirt section (also size M) are terrific, though.
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double post
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Got my order in today. The medium slim fit oxfords are superb, got the navy and olive colors. The slim fit chinos are a bit whack, and definitely thin as mentioned above, but will suffice for work-wear. Aside from that, stocked up on socks as usual, and some thicker chinos that I always have tapered from my tailor.

I should've asked Uniqlo, but they no longer hem pants free of charge prior to shipping, right? Figured this was only early on when they did phone orders...
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Originally Posted by afixedpoint View Post

^TTS or size down? measurements look big

I went TTS. I actually want my linen shirts just a little loose.  All the Uniqlo shirts seem to run long.  I just have the tailor shorten them.  If I were to go down in size, the sleeves and collar would be too small for me. 

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just got a short sleeved oxford in green

the short sleeved oxfords are of a thinner material compared to the long sleeves, however in terms of fit, there is isn't much noticeable difference between the slim fit and regular fit short sleeves.

went for the regular fit as it has more vibrant colors; may grab the orange color next time one as I had a hard time deciding between the green and orange.
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The t-shirts that come in the 2-pack are awesome as undershirts. Fit is very snug if you size down but also stretchy, they won't come untucked from your pants as you go about your day. That was a problem I had with other shirts. Regular premium cotton t's are nice, they are a bit too long though and didn't shrink at all after a cold wash and a bit in the dryer. TTS is as snug as i would want to go in the sleev and shoulder.
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Anyone with the current model premium linen shirt in size Small or Medium willing to post the shoulder-to-shoulder, pit-to-pit, and shoulder seam to sleeve measurements? With all the talk about the site measurements being wrong, I'm holding back on pulling the trigger, and the sale ends on Sunday.

Also, can you confirm/refute the claim from a couple pages back that they shrink a ton? Even in cold wash, hang dry?

Thanks much.
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So... my shoulders are a bit wider than the medium for the new slim fit OCBDs.

But for length, sleeves, and torso, small fits.

Anyone know of a brand/line that has a slimmer fit than these new Uniqlo shirts?
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