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Originally Posted by whyme? View Post

thanks for the tip, momentoftruth, but i'm still unsure. for reference, here i am in the regular fit, size medium. having just tried it on now, it's sloppier than i remembered - flaring quite noticeably in places and bunching a little in the upper chest. i'm pretty tall and equally thin, yet it's still too long. (and yes, this is post-hot wash / dry so it's done all the shrinking it's going to.)

as people have mentioned staying TTS with the slim fit, given the fit below in the medium, i'm pretty tempted to opt for small and just stick to cold wash / line dry as i do with most my clothes..

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

go down one size at least. maybe even two?
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Huge. Size down for sure imo.
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Originally Posted by Snoopy View Post


Those $6 Uniqlo package t-shirts is garbage. They are good to use if you going to paint the house.

The American Apparel are too thin and feel cheap.

However the Uniqlo Premium tees are much better than AA.

Hmm, if there's that big of a difference between the dry and the premium, I'll give the premiums a shot.
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Originally Posted by Hermitedge View Post

^^ Is that the slim fit chino? If so, what size did you go with?

Yes, slim fit. 34.

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Looks like you could definitely go slimmer.

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Light gray vs. beige if I'm only getting one pair of slim fit chinos?

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Originally Posted by caseyfud View Post

i thought a couple pages back somebody said the linen shirts fit huge. Was that true for you guys? I'm an XS in the oxfords, so I can't really size down.

Curious about the linen shirt sizing as well, thinking of picking one up.
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I copped the beige a few hours ago, another pair of pants, and some M slim fit oxfords. Hope errthing fits well. They restocked a Taz wool in grey size 33 for $20.
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By all reports they're huge. Are any of the current season blazers worth picking up?

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For the guys who are asking about Tasmanian wool trousers for work, these S/S pair in cotton/polyester blend fit well and feel nice for the warmer weather.

FWIW I tried basically all the available pants online and these fit the best in terms of cut and feel.

MEN DRY FLAT FRONT PANTS (56/44 material blend)

Off-white looks nice, will pick up the beige and dark gray as well.


This similar pair fits a bit slimmer by measurements and in person, and for some reason the blend of cotton, polyester, and spandex (54/43/3) makes the feel of the pants a bit more stiff and wrinkles a bit more. The thighs are definitely slimmer as you compare measurements, but not by much. I can fit into both pants well, size 32, but I just like the overall roomier cut and feel of the flat front pants over the perfect shape flat front.
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One more jean sizing question regarding the following =


So I generally wear a waist 30 in Levi's 514 (perfect fit and a bit loose around the waist) and was wonder if I should go TTS on these. I guess I really can't size down since the lowest size (28) is a waist 30.

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Originally Posted by jet View Post

still got a regular fit large pink oxford for 15 shipped if anyone wants it, worn once

How much with UK shipping? The provenance might make it worth the price...
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UK need slim fit's badly

I've got an average chest. I'm medium everywhere, never small


Both broadclothes and OCBD's in medium fit are fairly baggy. Small's fit pretty well all over apart from the chest which pulls are the buttons if I move my arms back.


Will probably run them through the sewing machine to stitch the box pleat in but that does't sort the arms :/

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Slim fit Oxford small. I'm 5'8" 160 lbs or so.

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looks great.  cant wait to get my order tomorrow.

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