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Originally Posted by Ecco View Post


I have this problem where every time I want something from Uniqlo it's out of stock so cop away mon frere. Saves me a shit ton of money though.

Ok, thanks. I went ahead and ordered from their website using my phone while at work. The user experience was really annoying but just functional enough to where I could complete it. I don't recommend it. I ended up getting 2 slim ocbds, & 1 linen shirt (all in med), slim chinos (34), & 4 pairs of socks.


Do they not have long-sleeve madras shirts?

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How do Uniqlo slim oxfords fit? Debating on what size. I'm 5'9 167lbs and pretty jacked upperbody. I can wear a M button down shirt from H&M (a tad bit small on me). Closest store I can think of comparing it to. Fitted Medium Express (don't hate) shirts fit me perfectly.

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Originally Posted by althanis View Post

Anybody wanna proxy me some Uniqlo shirts?

I'm happy to do so for free... check my thread in my signature for more details.
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Originally Posted by whyme? View Post

apologies for another fit q, but what size might i opt for in these nicely-coloured slim fit oxford shirts? i'm 6'0, 145lbs. i've got a few recent 'regular' oxfords in size M and whilst they're a little bit big everywhere, i'm still pretty hesitant to shift to a S in the slim-fit (even though these will surely be long enough) - i goddamn hate when shirts get pinch across the shoulders - unless i hear otherwise..


edit: i'm overseas so don't have the luxury of trying-on nor exchanging.


I think a S would be a tad too short for you (unless that's the look you're going for), both in the body and sleeves

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Originally Posted by afixedpoint View Post

Jumped on the light down bandwagon, slim version on sale

Getting the same size as you do in their shirts?

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Yep, will post a review when I get it, also bought 50 dollars worth of undershirts and underwear for the free shipping lol8[1].gif
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Hoping these MIJ jeans come back in stock. The gray pair notwithit posted look great.

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So I take it that nobody here has bought a Uniqlo old fashion brief? lol I guess they must suck then. Judging from the pictures they don't look too impressive kinda like old boring standard shit. I'll be heading to Uniqlo tomorrow. biggrin.gif
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Heres a uniqlo vest if anyone cares.. been waiting for them to stock a cheap vest to beat up. Also a linen shirt they fit bigish but they usually shrink in the wash.
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I'm 5'9 167lbs pretty jacked upper body. H&M Medium button shirts are a bit small on me and Express medium fitted button shirts fit me perfectly. What size slim oxfords should I get? I'm afraid if their mediums are like H&M mediums then they'd be too small and large may be too big. Someone help a brotha out

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Anyone have any real life pics of the Navy UL Down jacket? Trying to decide between that and the black one. Hard to judge the colors from the site.
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i have the navy, go with it over the black.  i think the black is a little more shiny.  

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Originally Posted by Dbear View Post

i have the navy, go with it over the black.  i think the black is a little more shiny.  

Navy it is, thanks man.
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Report: The Airism undershirts are the shit.   I've been wearing them every day for like the past week and they work as advertised; wick away sweat (a huge thing for me), nice low v-neck, and comfortable enough I don't notice it's there.  Wore it against a really really pale blue buttondown yesterday with no visual appearance to my eye.  I initially bought 3, but I'm liking them enough that I think I'm going to get enough to last without a whole week without washing, as I did I find myself sleeping in one last night.

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Oh, and I ordered a slim fit pink Oxford as well; a useful datapoint might be that Medium doesn't fit this 6' 2", 185 pound, 41-42 chest, athletically built guy well -- too small, these really are cut slim.  Sold it to my cousin for what I bought it for.

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