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Just got my order in the mail. The slim-fit oxfords fit great, except for a sliiiight bit of tightness in the chest. The linen shirt is comfortably loose in the body (think Our Legacy), but too long - thankfully, fits my brother just fine.

For those who own the slim-fit chinos, how much do they stretch in the waist and/or shrink in the wash? They fit perfectly as-is, with a small amount of extra room in the waist.
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My order came in today as well: 3 slim-fit oxfords (2 blue, 1 grey), and a chambray. They're definitely the best OTR fit I could ask for. The chambray fits surprisingly slim as well, despite not being labeled "slim-fit".


I might grab a couple more oxfords in different colors and another chambray. 

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Can anyone recommend size in the slim fit oxfords for a 38" chest?
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Probably a small for 38.

On another note, apparently Uniqlo are discontinuing their Made in Japan series of denim due to lower than expected sales.
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lower than expected margins more like

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Do either of their MIJ fits fit like the slim chinos? Where the legs are slim but the seat and top box is roomier?

Between the MIJ slim and the straight?

Also the size chart says 37 for the 35. Are they really 2 inches bigger than tagged?
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Got my 3 slim fit oxfords in size L. Was worried theyd be too big but then DBear posted his size and that he got mediums and then I felt good about my decision. I was wrong, the large is far too big on me. quite loose in the chest, neck and waist. Im glad theyre long enough to tuck in and they're much beefier than I'd have guessed. Overall tremendous quality for the price, but I'm pretty sure I should have gone medium. 


Oh well. p.s. I got the Navy overdye, White, and Grey oxfords. 


Also picked up my first boxer briefs from Uniqlo. My god these are fantastic for under $5 a pair! I bought 4 pairs in size large to be safe, but could have gone medium for sure. Theyre so soft and the waistband is super soft which is often sharp on the waist in other brands at 5 times the price. 


I am a uniqlo boxer convert. 

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Premium linen vs cotton linen blend jacket?
How's the milano bib jacket?

Looking for a navy jacket for summer/spring
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YES! Uniqlo let me place an order with my canadian credit card again! it hadnt been working ever since it let me purchase the Large slim-fit oxfords that i missized. It's so hit or miss with what orders theyll let process and which ones they wont. 


I guess Ill bite the bullet on the 7$ return fee. 


Unless someone wants 3 uniqlo slim fits BNWT's in size L. Navy Overdye, Grey, and White. 



@jet what's your height/weight? Those pics you uploaded of your ocbds in medium seem like a good length for you. Im 5'8 and my large's i got were way too long to be worn untucked. 

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Dunno if this helps, but this is a size large slim on me @ 184lbs 5'7".. these fit me way better than the regulars.. almost as good as my MTM shirts and if they shrink the length in the wash a bit that would be awesome. Bought some Uniqlo jeans too, look like shit on me dunno how you guys wear stuff with 7" leg openings.
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apartments a mess, had company all weekend
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@jet what's your height/weight? Those pics you uploaded of your ocbds in medium seem like a good length for you. Im 5'8 and my large's i got were way too long to be worn untucked. 

5'10 or 11, 168 with 40.5" chest (medium is slightly pulling)

length is perfect, i like longer lengths but this one is just spot on plus my shot is pointing downward from close by which gives it the illusion of being too long but 30" length is just perfect for my height
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Bought a simple white shirt.



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Maybe Im really picky but have any of you guys noticed that the small bottons that hold the collar down are not lined up symmetrically on your slim ocbds? On most of mine one button is a little further away from the placket than the other button...not a huge deal but its enough of a difference to annoy me...maybe im ocd lol.
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It's a $30 shirt. FFS

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The sweatpants aren't too shabby on discount.
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