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Was going to pick up some mediums for beaters this past week and they had them in all the colors I wanted.  There were so many on the floor in multiple displays; I would assume they have every size.

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Originally Posted by skrz View Post

the website seems have to have uniqlo oxfords out of stock in small sizes - is that true in stores as well?

store stock is different than online for some of the items.


the new oxford (with stripe) was sold out in most sizes online for grey and blue, but found ample of amounts of both in store

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I was told they keep stock separate because there's often times promotions that they hold in store only. I noticed sometimes in store sales were cheaper by $10 or so (never anything more than that) but it makes sense because they want some foot movement in stores too.
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Originally Posted by Coldsnap View Post

I gave you those p2p like 2x! Those are washed tho.. Grey has been washed 1x, the others at or under 3x.

I know bro I wanted non washed specs lol8[1].gif

Seriously these larges are huge. May just proxy.
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anyone see any of the floral shirts in store and like them? kinda interesting but can't tell which i'd buy from the site

also is the blue/white button dotted shirt in any nyc store?
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I picked up a blue one.
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oxford question:

so i bought my first oxford online (this one, in JP large (~a US medium) and it fits well everywhere but by god, it's really long. i'm a little of 6' so hardly short - what's up? it's just a regular model, not long. are these things not meant to be worn untucked? i always wear my oxfords untucked.. and casual, n shit.

other than that, really nice. for $20, or whatever it was, fabric feels really nice.
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If anyone can proxy a jacket / coat for me please LMK, prefer the SF store but NYC or perhaps out of country would be fine too ..
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Why not use SuddenLee Toasty?
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Suddenlee still does Uniqlo Proxy toasty. PM rirawin for UK proxy. He's the best.

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I was under the impression that they do not. Got a PM from a member here in the 'Bay so hopefully it will be a good turn out. Thanks dudes
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Wondering what size I'd wear for if I wear a 42.
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Any NYC stores have black skinnys in 28/29? SF store hasn't had any since they opened and my slim fits are starting to fit a little too relaxed now that I've been losing weight.
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Black +J rib turtlenecks in XS and XL on sale for $20.
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I could only find a few vague mentions on the internet and in this thread, but does Uniqlo stock 3-piece suits in their stores?

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