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Tasmanian trousers are nice year round. I wish the cut of the jacket in terms of buttoning point was lower.

In terms of suiting, it makes a decent first suit. I own 2 in navy and gray. When I actually take a proper photo they actually do not look bad if you accessorize correctly e.g. tie and pocket square.
FWIW I also own a black +J suit, which in the same size, relatively fits slimmer and buttoning point SEEMS to be lower, but not by much I think.

Still on the look out for a proper OTR suit though.
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Originally Posted by EdwardB View Post

Ties are $13 and 100% synthetic.  They also had (at least at 34th St) some cotton/linen blends (not knit) for the same price.
Thanks for the correction. Saw the madras type ties too, but they didn't feel like snapping one of them too.
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Have to say those field jackets look nowhere near as nice as the F/W version. The material sheen isn't too attractive in my eyes...
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Thanks for the pic of the field jacket Windston!
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The SF store still has 4-5 UU down jackets at $60 if anyone was looking for them.

Also their linen shirts are out, many more colors than previous years.
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What about outerwear in general?
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I got one of the UU down coats off the web and it reminds me of why Uniqlo made and is pushing the hell out of their "ultra light down" jackets....


...the UU down fit great...but couldn't keep it...looked too much like the michelin man.

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only good place to shop their outerwear is on their webshop and only if a +J item comes back into stock.  and it'll either be a XL or almostly certainly quickly sold out again

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Didn't pay much attention to outerwear. I think there were field jackets, trenches, some kind of bomber? That's all I remember.
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Originally Posted by Coldsnap View Post

Thanks for the pic of the field jacket Windston!

Thought you might appreciate it.
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Saw the field jacket post last night on my phone, was in the area, went to go check it out.  Very unsubstantial.  I would have loved a canvas version priced the same though.


On that note, women's got a fishtail (!) in a bunch of colors for 60.  Material is whatever, but it looks pretty cool.  If you're a smaller dude, I'd honestly try it out. 

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The UU down jacket is the shit.  Got one for 60 and it's my go to jacket when its not too bad out because of the slim fit.  Get on that shit if you can pick one up.

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Aww shit, them efm v neck only 14.50 now. I think I'm a large.
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Ordered some slim fit chinos, will be expecting to get them wednesday, I hope they are decent
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I noticed they put out a bunch of supima cotton tees for like $12. 

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Just curious if anyone has experience with Hawking McGill oxfords and if so, are they comparable to uniqlo in fit/quality? 


It's hard for me to get the size and colors I want on the uniqlo site. I am just looking for a solid oxford to pick up in several colors

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