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Find the neck on my regular OCBD to be ridiculous wide. Did it tighten up at all after drying?
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Are those grosgrain oxfords in the webstore yet? I can't seem to find them.
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didn't measure the neck but it was noticeably big on mine so i'll be able to tell when i try the shit on after it dries

look for the colored strip on the inside collar
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Just ordered a shit ton of tees and some s/s socks, love their shirts so much

really wish they'd restock white denim and pretty much all their BDs, would buy way more if it was actually available
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Need heattech and fleeces for ski trip but there'S nothing left on the UK store. RESTOCK FFS!!!
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Slim OCBDs don't look like they've got the colored strip in the collar anymore:

only pink though ffffuuuu.gif
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Those are old stock. It looks like the slim isn't going to be here this season. On another note ineent to like three stores today and compared my ocbd to boo, Gorman, apolis, hasack, Raleigh denim, rrl.
for $20 on sale uniqlo is pretty damn good.. I did like how thick apolis fabric was tho
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Damn. Might have to give Brooklyn Tailors a shot.
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The new ones feel slim.. I like them much better than the slims and the old regular cit
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wtf are OCTBs?
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OCBD's or whatever yous are saying
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oxford cloth button down
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All I know is the neck on mine from fw11 is 17.5. Stupid big for a L.
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Anyone know if they offer their free alteration service for web orders?

If so, is there somewhere to note that during the checkout process?
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I got the regular fit new striped oxford ( and the sizing is definitely different/better. I have small in the regular fit from 2 years ago and it is too tight in the chest (39-40) but the new ones fit great in a small....pretty decent in the waist too. Still prefer Medium slim fit, a little more room in the chest.
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