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is it just me or have they removed the hem width measurement from all / most of their pants? that's pretty annoying - i wonder why?
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^But my whole point was that they are prone to extreme wrinkling and creasing, which is a problem IMO and one you experience as well. Someone asked whether I ironed my shirts, yes I do. Not sure what the praise is for the shirts when a spin in the washer causes the shirt to crinkle up essentially.

Now, I have yet to hear anyone wash it without any wrinkles at all. Creases can be ironed out but it takes a bit of work. So, conclusion seems to be people like wearing wrinkly shirts as OCBD are considered casual, anyways.


Waiting for Fuuma to jump in and tell me to "stfu"

FWIW my shirts are fine after 6+ months, I never said they fall apart; etc.
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I do agree that they do wrinkle like crazy in the washing machine. I wouldn't wear them anywhere without running the iron across them after washing. They wrinkle way more than my rugby and J crew OCBD's which are comparable price wise.
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Rugby was the shit before they went OCBD off the rack the wash / dry was perfect. IMO that is how an OCBD should be like, real casual where you can toss it in the washer, dryer and then wear it the same day.

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One day I will have body of 3XL
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so nobody throws their shit in the dryer huh lol
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I cold wash and tumble dry my oxfords (bought them back in March-June at $15). Don't have any problems with how they turn out, wrinkle-wise. Every now and then some wrinkles will set in hard on the sleeves (if my dryer was packed full or something), but I wear them pretty casually so I don't mind.


Any there any codes active right now? I remember people having to wait a while on return refunds to process, that still a problem?

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You guys realize that these are $30 shirts right?

I've been wearing them since they were $20 and at $30 they're still an unbeatable deal.
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Do you guys know if the new grosgrain trim oxfords fit the same as the old casual oxfords?


I got one in M coming in and I hope it fits like the old ones, cus that fit was spot on if you sized down one.

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Got my shipment this Friday, got some socks + heattech long sleeve and leggings. FYI you can pass on the comfort socks and I have to say I really like the heattech stuff that I got. I went TTS and it fits a slightly tighter than my normal shirts. The length is fine but the only weird thing is that the sleeve length seems a tad short, so if anyone is getting heattech long sleeve shirt, I would recommend going TTS.
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Grosgrain oxfords apparently fit slimmer than older regular oxfords.

Washed in warm/hot and dried completely on medium and seems to have shrank a bit p2p and about an inch in length. Threw it another cycle and will wear to see how it fits.

If it shrinks to 30" in length I will be a happy camper provided sleeves shorten up some and then I will just get them taken in a bit.

Btw it looked great fresh out the dryer and just had the light rippling non-ironed clothes have, none of these nonsensical creases you guys are talking about. I think you guys are new to washing clothes.

Also dryer softens them up which is exactly what I want with oxford cloth. After 20 washes they will be as soft as pjs, just wish fabric was thinner and lighter.
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Are grosgrain oxfords just the regular oxford shirts? Not the slim ones right?
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wtf is a grosgrain
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I was looking for a grosgrain placket or something but none of the oxfords had it. But the regular oxfords have a strip of fabric by the neck, is that the grosgrain?
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