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I got a dotted shirt in medium I'm about to throw up on the b/s
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Originally Posted by Teger View Post


do they fit different in other colors?

The other colors usually fit TTS, though I can't speak to the ones they just put up. I'm a 29 in the black T000s and a 30 in all other colors I've tried
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Originally Posted by Coldsnap View Post

Jet, now you see how my beefy self fits into medium. The length will probably shrink 2" over time. I do a warm wash (not hot), although I think it's the tumble dry that shrinks it. Did you get that peach color? I think it's a great color..

On another note I'm about to throw up a ton of Uniqlo no the b/s.

haha ya no way i could fit into anything smaller than 21+ so i will throw these in the wash and see what happens, the grosgrain is actually nice too

i got pink, light blue and light grey, couldn't get the white bc it was sold out and i wish they'd do the lavender
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I wish the flannels fit like the OCBDs
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jet you're a M in oxfords. we're pretty close in measurements, and M is slim on me.

coldsnap pm me first wiht what you're putting up. i might take some stuff of your hands. interested in shirts in M and pants in 32 or 33
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^we're talking about the new grosgrain trim oxfords, i've no idea how the older ones fit (unless this is the one you have as well)
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Don't the oxford get really wrinkled / long creased lines out of the washer? Really turn off and because of the thick material, getting the creases / wrinkles out is a pain

From personal experience. I have a front load washer btw so the spin is pretty gentle.

Really do not understand the rave. I still prefer the extra fine cotton slim fit OCBD even though some say collar is smaller (I see no difference unless you comparing to say TB), and though it still wrinkles, it is much easier to steam due to a thinner fabric / smooth face.
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Toasty, not everything has to be wrinkle free... especially casual oxfords
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you iron oxfords toastbro?
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If you like big indented creases on your shirts then good. I don't.

It's not a good look no matter how casual.

^Yes I do
Cold wash, hang dry till like card boards, straight to steaming the front/back to get out the wrinkles / creases and bring back the softness. I use to iron the arms too but realized that 1) It took too long and 2) Because of the slim fitting nature, my arms fill out the sleeves pretty well and causes wrinkles / creasing anyways.

Life is much simpler now.

I believe we are talking about different Uniqlo oxfords, though, I have experienced both. Eventually will retire the OCBD to straight casual wear and buy their spread collar dress shirts. Spread collar dress shirts fit nice in all the right areas after getting double darts in the back. Plus, there is no single pleat so it looks lovely across the yoke.
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i pull mine out of the dryer when they are a tad damp then hang dry, prevents those big indent creases but i know what you're talking about.
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While the washer is spinning, the arms on the shirt are flailing and eventually when the machine settles, the material of the shirt becomes so damp that the twisting and turning causes the arm to bend in all different directions, hence, the streaks of creases. Everything is exemplified due to being wet and it just settles in. The body gets pretty bad too, imagine, when you see an indented line running down the collar to the left and right of the body or down the placket.

I'm exaggerating a bit but not much.

If you guys wear these shirts specifically under a knit I'm sure you can get away with it. For casual wear over your jeans and sneaker / shoe / boot, you'll end up like a mess. And no, your body will not fill out the shirt to the point that it smooths out the wrinkles and creases. Does not work that way.
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Yeah.. i feel like Uniqlo are the only shirts i have where the arms get twisted to shit they dry like hell. For real though once those creases set in I couldn't even iron them out even spraying startch on it doesnt help. BUT like I said taking them out prior to all that and letting them hand dry is the key, it's also the only way I can get a collar roll out of the OCBDs
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so what happens when you throw them in the dryer
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Toast you're overthinking all of this holmes. I've been wearing my OCBD's weekly for atleast 6 months now and they're fine. I wash them every week and never dry them. I aways hang dry them and then iron them and always get a nice collar roll and have never experienced any creases that can't be ironed out. BTW I'm talking about the regualr OCBD's. I have pink, white, blue and they all have aged the same.
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