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Hope I'll never need a vastly different set of clothes for work.

Got those +J cashmeres in a few sizes before they sold out and some regular v necks. Hope they work out as it's all I really need for socal winter.
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For those who missed out, the UK site has now reduced the UU parka down to £69.90... which is around 40% off...

At the time of posting full size range in both colours. There's also 40-50% off on other items.

As usual if anyone needs a free proxy let me know...
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^dammit guys stop posting whatever comes on sale, I can't stop myself from buying lol
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Originally Posted by Coldsnap View Post

Anyone's order from monday ship yet?

My order from I think it was Saturday just got here.

The cashmere--I got one new stock crewneck, one old stock crewneck. One's described as thin, the other isn't, but I wouldn't know it if they hadn't written it. I'm thinking they're basically the same thing. Both are pretty thin, but they're all I need since I'll mostly be layering with them. You know, it's cheap cashmere. It feels good. Wear it till it dies. Some measurement tips they don't give online: the neck is pretty small. Not squeezing or anything, but not spacious. This is not a slut-neck cashmere, if you wanted it. The body length on these seems to just kind of disappear somewhere; I'm wondering if the online measurements are accurate there. Like the neck, not too much trouble, but it's shorter than I thought "25'" meant on me.

The heattech--got 2 long sleeve v necks. Opening one package up and trying it on, I'm wondering if I should go one size smaller on these than I did. Sized the same as the cashmere, all size S, and the heattech's not baggy, but it's not at all huggy either, and I kind of want it to be. Dunno if a wash will shrink it any. But sizing down or shrinking, the sleeve openings would be even farther up my arm and might be bothersomely tight. And whoever talked about the smell when first out of the package--it does smell distinctly of vinegar. Whatever, shit's warm.

Edit: Oh, and the v neck on these heattechs could be lower.
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I loved some dummy's review on the cashmere giving it one or three starts saying it doesn't do it's job which is to keep the wearer warm and the imbecile lives in irvine where it doesn't drop below 50 on winter nights.
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When will they restock the vintage chinos?

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How do you expect any of us to know? we don't work there... 

Try sending them an email

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Originally Posted by ONUV View Post

When will they restock the vintage chinos?

Dec 12th*

*May or may not be true
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Originally Posted by slstr View Post

How do you expect any of us to know? we don't work there...


no shit?

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I've been wearing my +J down jacket for the past week or two. It's the last size S in black too.

I had no winter outerwear whatsoever this season (having sold and donated most of my stuff) and this thing serves its purpose more than fine.
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I don't know if this sort of thing is allowed, but I have the +J stretch cashmere cardigan, medium, in brown. Too big, should have gone with small. But before I return, I was wondering if anyone on here wants it. Also, the chunky v neck, small, black. Same deal.
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How do their sweaters fit, a little big? I usually where a small, you guys think I should grab an XS? I'm rail thin and average height, for reference.
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^check the measurements on the site and compare them to what you currently like the fit of
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Anyone know any legit retailers that sell their clothes and ship to Canada?

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Just purchased my first item from Uniqlo, the Made in Japan jeans in Gray. I ordered both a 29" and 30" waist because I was unsure how they would fit. The 30" waist is a little tight with the thighs a little tight as well. The 29" waist is unbuttonable right now, about 1/2" spread between buttons, and the tights are very restricting. I'm worried, based on the comments in this thread, that the 30" will become too lose on I wear them a lot, but also that the 29" will not stretch enough to where they will be comfortable. I am considering keeping the 30" and sending back the 29" but was wondering what everyone thought?

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