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Originally Posted by airblaster503 View Post

+1. I purchased this through Suddenlee a little over a month ago and it is great. Also if the +J down jacket is your size get it, at $60 it is a steal.

Can't really tell from the pics but how casual is it in person? It doesn't look casual enough to wear with a tshirt and jeans but how about with jeans and a tucked in collared shirt? Or pretty much just wear with blue or grey chinos or slacks? TIA
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My bad. Cranky all day...woke up too bloody early this morning.

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so I know this is a shot in the dark but anyone think these still exist in store somewhere in size S?

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What's the deal with their stock online? They sold out of most OCBDs and other items in popular sizes on their first day, and everything is still out of stock -- nothing has been restocked from what I've seen.

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They def restocked the slim fit OCBDs after the first few days....I grabbed some on the restock. Probably some delays due to Sandy.
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Most of the tasmanian wool stuff is gone in the smaller sizes.

I checked the sf store as well.

They did have the vintage chinos in olive though, which they don't online.

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Originally Posted by Timbaland View Post

I was referring to the blazer:
Not the down jacket.

It can definitely be dressed down with a t-shirt if you wanted. I just bought mine as a quick fix to wear to a wedding and it was fine dressed up a bit. I don't think it looks good with indigo denim but black jeans it looks fine.
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Whats the difference between the two heat-techs?
34% polyester, 33% rayon, 27% acrylic, 6% spandex

40% acrylic, 33% polyester, 21% rayon, 6% spandex

probably over analyzing it, but just curious
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The second one is thinner.  It says so on the description. There are pretty much 2 versions of each item in heattech; one regular and one thinner. Remember, the sleeves look short on the shirts so check the measurements. 

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Ugh just got the slim fit chinos in the mail and sadly those piles of shit are going right back in that white box an off to NJ tomorrow morning, man those pants blow.
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^thanks good sir. Just bought long sleeve heatech and a long john heat tech,

So sad that they sold out of all the medium size wool peacoats, hopefully they restock them.
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Sizing on the +J sportcoat? Would 42 be L or XL?
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Originally Posted by jet View Post

they run big so size down one, i wear a medium in the cardigan and i'm a 41
thanks jet appreciate the help.
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Originally Posted by shoreman1782 View Post

Sizing on the +J sportcoat? Would 42 be L or XL?


I wear a 42 and went with the large for the tweed, which seems to have the same sizing as the +J that I just bought in large. For the record I also have 18.5" shoulders and 26" sleeves which coincide perfectly with the L.

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