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Premium tees (not undershirts or dry tees) are a S/S thing afaik
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Anyone try the relaxed corduroys ?
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Got my blazer from them. Fits great, but it doesn't look like a navy blazer, which is what I ordered. Plus, it just looks really odd and like it's made of cheap garbage. Looks like I'm going to send it back.

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Looks like I don't care my package won't be here til next week bc of this fucking heat wave plain.gif
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I got my huge shipment today. I ordered medium in everything since they said that's for a 38-41 chest. I am a 39 chest and could stand to lose 10 lbs. Yet I felt like I was swimming in the stuff. I am afraid of returning the shirts and ordering smalls and having them be too small! Maybe I'll keep this shipment and order everything in small and see which is best.

Any advice on sizing re:

Slim Fit Oxford Long Sleeve,
Crew Neck Short Sleeve Tee (read these shrink a lot after wash?),
Dry V Neck Short Sleeve Tee (read these shrink a lot after wash?),
Extra Fine Cotton Broadcloth Check LS,
Flannel Check LS Shirt
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You probably have small shoulders. All the OCBD's will require darting if you have a decent drop.
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Small will prob fit you perfect look at the measurements son.
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Ok I am trying stuff on and looking at measurements. Here's my feedback.

For the record - I am 5'8", 165 with a 39" chest

Slim Fit Oxford Long Sleeve - Medium fits PERFECT for me. I wear ties often with Oxfords and this buttons up just fine even though my neck is a little big (~15.75")
Crew Neck Short Sleeve Tee (read these shrink a lot after wash?) - Got this in a medium. The material surprised me. It's very similar to Patagonia shirts which are sort of a polyester material. I use them for hikes/working out. I was expecting it to be cotton (assumed). If I get confirmation they shrink, I'll keep, otherwise size down
Dry V Neck Short Sleeve Tee (read these shrink a lot after wash?) - Same as Crew neck
Extra Fine Cotton Broadcloth Check LS - Got medium. Too large. Will return. if I buy again, I'll size down.
Flannel Check LS Shirt - Got medium. Same as Broadcloth. Will size down in the future.
Men Microfleece Lounge Set - Medium. Wow this is a really pile of crap. Even for $20 it is absolutely trash. The bottom is ok and actually has a neat hemming feature I've never seen where you can just take a pair of scissors to it, but the top is terrible. I know it's cheap so I might sit on it over the weekend before deciding if I am returning it.
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Can you guys post fit pics of all the stuff you are buying please.

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Wow the site in unresponsive for me now. Random.
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if you're 165lb 39 chest and need a small

i am 5'8" 120lb, i am fucked xs will be a tent on me ggs
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Think you're expecting a BoO type fit, generally would not recommend a small for 39 chest. I have same and a medium is perfect slim, not skinny. This is for the bd shirts.
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anyone care to comment on the tasmanian wool trousers? Thinking of grabbing a pair in each colour, they don't seem very slim though.
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The Men's Tasmanian wool blended flat front pants fit well:

But the Navy is black. My order form says Navy, and the tags on the pants say Navy, but it's clearly black. I'll keep them anyway.

This cardigan feels nice, not much else to say:
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Anything to say about the Tweed Jacket?
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