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Originally Posted by VLSI View Post

Stopped by this evening. Took me longer to find parking than I even spent there.
Sweater jacket was marked 200, not 100 frown.gif Didn't even bother trying it on since I wasn't a customer at 200, at 100 it would probably be with me now. The two toned sweatshirts were 110. They were pretty cool, but I don't have that much to be dropping on cotton sweatshirts right now. Neat little shop nonetheless.

Bah, thought i saw $100. Try on any denim?
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Originally Posted by Coldsnap View Post

Bah, thought i saw $100. Try on any denim?

Nope, I really wasn't there long, just wanted to look around. I also don't feel right about trying on things I have no intention of buying. If I was in the market for another pair jeans though, I'd definitely consider them.

*edit* I also kind of felt like a creeper hiding behind the back rack looking at the geller sales items while the two owners were in the front talking to another woman biggrin.gif
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I will be going to Uniqlo this Monday at 34th street to check out those flannels. They better have that second one!

Picking up the olive sweats hoodie...nice color to wear this fall.
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Uniqlo online store is supposed to open soon right?

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Originally Posted by amathew View Post

Uniqlo online store is supposed to open soon right?

Yes, check earlier in this thread. I think people were saying the 22nd.
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Originally Posted by amathew View Post

Uniqlo online store is supposed to open soon right?

Someone got a screenshot of the Uniqlo website saying it would open Oct. 22 but that image was removed from the website.

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How's the fit of Uniqlo oxfords, compared to Gitman Bros. Vintage, Polo Ralph Lauren and J. Crew?


I want to buy a white oxford in small, but the shoulder seems much more wider compared to the sleeves and the size than any shirt other shirt I have.

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I sized down in my uniqlo OCBD.
I'm usually a large at 6'3 185 lbs but Gitman Vintage large is way to boxy and short in arms and J crew is still too wide in medium and I have 41 chest. RL custom fit in M was perfect last time I tried one. Uniqlo in M fits great, even in length.
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just picked up my first blue uniqlo ocbd oxford through a proxy on this site.


my pussy rate increased dramatically, thats all i can say..


on a quest for a pink one now


thanks sf for getting me on my grown man



*edit* will the online store open 12am est?

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Stopped by the Uniqlo SF store this past weekend. The place seems damn small. But that's probably because when I think of a flagship Uniqlo store its usually in Asia where they have massive ones.. Went to the ones in Shanghai and Korea recently and there's just so much more stuff. Even still, I'm not sure where they'll have space to fit all the collabs in the future for SF. It's technically 4 floors, but the second floor doesn't count. First floor is more of a showroom. I remembered the DSW being much bigger at that location, so it's a little strange where all the space went.

Really glad the online store will be coming up soon, but pretty lame that its pretty much coming out when the SF store just opened (I swear Uniqlo did that so Cali residents would have to pay tax on the online store). SF store is way too small and lacking in selection. I was able to pick up a flannel on sale, but these things are ridiculously long for some reason. Also a pair of UJ jeans which fit really well. I know someones been asking for the twill jeans and it made me curious to try them, but still didn't see them in the store yet.
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Thanks for replying so fast.


Hmm, I think I am going to go for XS. But how thick and soft is the fabrics?

Is the quality much better than J. Crew or RL's shirts? 

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I've had great results with a RL Custom fit I picked up in a thrift store. One of the best fitting garments I own. Size small fits well, almost perfect actually.

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Really? I don't think my custom fit RL OCBD from ebay is slim enough for me. It's pretty wide around the waist and the length of the shirt is longer than any "sport" shirt I own.


I haven't tried the European slim fit, but I think it fits me better than the custom fit in size small. 

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My small Uniqlo oxford is somwhere between a Gitman Small and Medium. Almost fits perfect.
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gitman vintage xs fits me perfectly. uniqlo and j. crew xs fit around the same. they're bigger than the gitman vintage xs in everything including p2p, s2s, back length, sleeve length. j. crew slim fit is between gitman vintage and uniqlo/j. crew regular fit.

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