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i was at the store on 33rd street today. Bought a bunch of things, including a XS heat tech black tee. I guess I should have tried it on before I went back to Baltimore, its a good amount slimmer than their regular blank tees. Too small for me. The XS oxfords fit me quite nice though.

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Originally Posted by phonics View Post

Anyone heard if this is coming stateside or to the uk? icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

holy fuck that looks pretty good. but $225?
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Can anyone provide any input into the color choices of the utility parka? I want to get one before the sale ends but I can't see them in person. Should I go green or grey?

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i like grey better but i think theyre both fine.  its personal preference really.

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Not sure if the opening was worth it. Got there at 9:45 and was in line behind about 600 people. Got most of what I wanted though, plus some socks, so its all good. Still pretty good stock on everything and there's so many workers that you never have to wait long for someone to get something from the back. No Undercover stuff, which made me a sad panda.

Oh, and I was told 3-4 weeks for the online store.
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A friend posted this, lol:

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Originally Posted by willy cheesesteak View Post

A friend posted this, lol:

That has to be a joke.

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That's just the main line out front. It goes on for 2 more blocks and around the corner. Unreal
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No, that's real and was like that for a while:


It was as if it was Black Friday in there...
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Has anyone purchased the new comfort jacket in Navy? If so, can you post a picture and give a brief review? I'm worried it looks a little velvet-y in texture and sheen. Thanks!
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Uniqlo is winning
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wow.... i thought the openings in nyc were crazy.

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Just got back.  Line was still around the block, of course, I cut in line got in right away.


Like a Zoo, like it was in Asia.  


No UU, sucks.


Good thing I knew my size b/c fitting room lines were ugly.  


Got my fill on basics tho, would be back.  

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Originally Posted by jet View Post

lol @ you nerds going to a grand opening of a fucking uniqlo
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All the UU stuff sucks, its the reason all of it is on clearance at the NY stores. You're not missing anything. 

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