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Has anyone seen the field jackets yet? I swung by the flag ship store today and they only had a brown color that I don't recall seeing on the website. Would have bought it, but the smallest size was medium.

EDIT: The brown is on the website, it is nicer in person.
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ive handled them and they seem really nice for the cost.  i have too much outerwear already, otherwise i probably would have gotten one.

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wool cargoes are awesome.
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Also picked up a pair of cargoes

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is the plural of cargo really cargoes or am i just being an idiot here

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Anyone own these:

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Originally Posted by happyrock View Post

Stopped by the 5th Ave uniqlo to check out their sweaters, but was pretty bummed that some, like the fair isles, were 60% polyester, 30% wool, and 10% nylon.

What's wrong with that? It's only $30 dollars a sweater and the design aint too bad either.
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UU sweats are awesome, size up.
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hmmm.....what color do you have/do you think is best (if you have seen them irl)?
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lol what do you expect for 30 bucks
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Originally Posted by skitlets View Post

How to size UU wool cargo pants? I take a 30 in T000.

You would take a small for a slim fit.
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How does that padded blazer fit.. I have M in all the other stuff, would it fit similar?
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I'm a 41 and it fit me pretty perfect, maybe slightly smallish but better than the L which still fit me but didn't look as good so it's probably m=40, l=42. It's pretty forgiving.

Bows is going to cop for me when it hits sale, isn't that right E? *high five*
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I'm a 44 chest, but all that stuff still fit pretty good in m, should probably go withh the L on this one.. Anyone want to proxy?
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Originally Posted by lesamourai View Post

Suddenlee comes through again. Second time shopping with them and I placed an order with them last night at 10 pm, got this today

i placed an order over a week ago (friday), it was processed the same day, and it still hasn't shipped :|

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